I know people will probably laugh at me when I confess I used to “rock out”, as they say,
to this song with Elvis Presley.  Dancing, and singing, and prancing with delightful abandon. Ha ha. Oh geez, now I’m laughing.  Enjoy the listen.



From The Mountains Peaking


Charles Spurgeon wrote the following wonderfully passionate peice. The man was a divine writer who, with but a few strokes of his feathered tongue, reaches each heart that would read. Surely he wrote with the pen of a ready writer.

I found the following of his particularly delightful and could not help but share.


Joel 2:11 “His camp is very great.”

“Consider, my soul, the mightiness of the Lord who is thy glory and defence. He is a man of war, Jehovah is His name. All the forces of heaven are at His beck, legions wait at His door, cherubim and seraphim;, watchers and holy ones, principalities and powers, are all attentive to His will. If our eyes were not blinded by the ophthalmia of the flesh, we should see horses of fire and chariots of fire round about the Lord’s beloved. The powers of nature are all subject to the absolute control of the Creator: stormy wind and tempest, lightning and rain, and snow, and hail, and the soft dews and cheering sunshine, come and go at His decree. The bands of Orion He looseth, and bindeth the sweet influences of the Pleiades. Earth, sea, and air, and the places under the earth, are the barracks for Jehovah’s great armies; space is His camping ground, light is His banner, and flame is His sword. When He goeth forth to war, famine ravages the land, pestilence smites the nations, hurricane sweeps the sea, tornado shakes the mountains, and earthquake makes the solid world to tremble. As for animate creatures, they all own His dominion, and from the great fish which swallowed the prophet, down to “all manner of flies,” which plagued the field of Zoan, all are His servants, and like the palmer-worm, the caterpillar, and the cankerworm, are squadrons of His great army, for His camp is very great. My soul, see to it that thou be at peace with this mighty King, yea, more, be sure to enlist under His banner, for to war against Him is madness, and to serve Him is glory. Jesus, Immanuel, God with us, is ready to receive recruits for the army of the Lord: if I am not already enlisted let me go to Him ere I sleep, and beg to be accepted through His merits; and if I be already, as I hope I am, a soldier of the cross, let me be of good courage; for the enemy is powerless compared with my Lord, whose camp is very great.”


There Is A Place In His Heart That Misses You



Sweet Jesus are there words yet to find, are there prayers left unsaid, are there lives enough not yet sacriced?!

My Sweet LORD JESUS where is mercy?! Where is deliverance?! Where is hope for the dead now yet again?!


My God, my GOD; I know of many like minded as I and who know absolutely that it is YOU and YOU alone who delivers us. My hope and my full expectation remains in YOU still.

Dear and Lovely Father, please deliver us from ignorance. Please allow us Your divine understanding now of the absolute insanity that exists rampant within the IDEOLOGY OF DEATH!

Open up, please Father, the eyes of those who have continued in blindness to and in this way. Deliver them from the chains of ignorance that have lead them in bondage so far away from YOU!!!

You have said, Lovely Father, that even if we make our abodes in hell that You would be there. Surely these individuals suffer in a hell the likes of which they have no hope of understanding, it’s sufferings being so severe!! Father HAVE MERCY HERE STILL AND UPON ANY AND ALL THESE CHILDREN!! THEY ARE IN HELL, YES!! THEY ARE CONSUMED BY THE RAVENOUS LION HELPLESS WITH HATRED, YES!! BUT, MY GOD OF ALL MERCY, MY GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MY GOD OF ALL DELIVERANCE…..SAVE THEM STILL!! PLEASE, MY GOD MY GOD, let them understand that the door to deliverance remains open for them still.

And, Father please, let the truth of Your Word shine brightly. The One who has already won the battle holds the sceptre of a righteous King. He is the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. He is beautiful and He is Your Son Jesus Christ. My heart is consumed with thankfullness. Thank fullness that I am Your daughter, a child of the Almighty Living God.

Thank You, Faithful and Beautiful Father, for allowing us and helping us to be workman together with you as we seek to fight this abhorrent ideology of death. NO MATTER WHERE IT COMES FROM!! Hate is hate no matter what group or click. No matter what the politics or what religion. No matter what part of the world you exist or the color of your skin, hate is hate. IGNORANCE BREEDS HATE!!

IGNORANCE has gripped and taken down the minds of many. The battle is in the mind. That is a battlefield you cannot dessimate with a bomb. We go about trying to defend ourselves through all possible measure, and we are doing little more than running around looking like chickens with our heads cut off. (In today’s world, that last statement says more than just one thing.)

Precious Lord Whom I Love with everything in me, thank You for reminding all of us what forgiveness is, and to the extent of which You went to provide it to every one of us. None would stand rightly before God otherwise.

Liberty in Christ is no small matter. Let Him lead us. He is The Way, the Truth, and the Life. For any who reads this prayer I freely share from the heart that would serve Love, there is a place in His heart that misses you.


All That I Am Is Yours


All that I am is Yours Lord I Love You. Thank You for not only Your faithfulness to us, but for the abundance of Your goodness to us. You are truly an awesome God and magnificently Loving Father.   “Until I shall Love Thee as I would accept my hearts desire.”

I hear a lot about serving You and obeying You; And all the must do’s and damned if you do do’s when people speak of being in relationship with you. As if to be a slave?!! Nonsense.

To be honest I once saw it the same myself. After all the words “slave” and “bondage” and “serve” have a very distasteful flavor down around these parts. For good cause, as I am sure You know even more than all of us, no matter who we are either individually or collectively, do. It is with You alone whereby is the fulfillment of all things.

Being in bondage to Almighty God?
Being a slave to Love?
Serving from the heart of this Love not only my Father, but my fellow man? Wherein is distaste here?

I understand more why you do not want our sacrifices. As if to say that service to Love were a sacrifice for any child of the ALMIGHTY GOD OF LOVE ITSELF. You do not want our sacrifice, simply our trust. I lean not to my own way Father, but on Your counsel. I believe the promises You have made. I know the good work which You began was, and is, and will be fully accomplished in and by YOU. My awe and Love for You goes exceedingly beyond words.

I only know to say I Love You, and thank You Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Your will be done entirely.


Ears That Speak


My friends, once again I am moved to speak. Please read this post.

“Again the masses cry out with agonies thundering lamentations shaking the very walls of the Palace of the King.

Again the suffering of innocent souls lay bare before His eyes!!! HIS EYES!!!




And that to the fullfilment of HIS WILL that all may be saved. The summers harvest has not yet been fully reaped.

For those who have eyes to see, and not only see. And, for ears that speak.”