Every One of Us Knows This



Every one of us knows, is aware, that there truly are things happening in space and time that go beyond space and time.

We see through this glass of space and time darkly still, yet are aware of what lay beyond this dark impediment , and even beyond Ethereal Seas.

Astounding, it is to me, that so simple the matters of deception and tyranny are not yet comprehended in their distortions and danger, and to the extent that we continue our own participation in it. Here in our own space and time.

I speak of America specifically, and moreover and generally abroad. Our continuing embracing of the adulterous one will bring no profit. She who speaks with beguiling deceptions brings ruin to those who embrace her. There is dust in the wake of her footsteps, and this will continue to be for those whose ears are desirously tickled by her consummating words.


She is also Siren upon the seas, and has beckoned many to sail and come hither only to be lulled to sleep with her maloderous intoxications. To this day thousands, and even more, have been swallowed into thirsty depths and their bones scatter about as grotesque ornaments cleaving the ocean floors. Unwillingly, have these souls now gone even beyond Ethereal Seas. Beyond space and time where no longer does the dark glass impede. Nor will it exist.

We, however, are still on this side of space and time; where we battle with an awareness only, and in our continuing choosing to deny the full expediency, weight, integrity, and impact of truth, we are in danger, now, as a society.

My own frustrations have lead me to understand, that for me who still exists in this space and time, I must understand the impediment to my desire in knowing the truth of why America is falling to such disgrace. I find that it is the dark glass that would hide and distort the truth. It is now become a piercing shard to the eye that would glance upon it. And, so it is, that this shard, these shards of dark distortions I must pull from my own eye.


The Statue of Liberty was gifted to America, yes. I find it interesting that she was designed and modeled after the godess isis. What is the concern over that? What is the weight of the truth which that represents? As for myself, I know I do not worship false idols. It is further interesting to know that, worldwide, she now represents dangerous deceptions whenever she speaks. And, astounding again, that she, if not stopped, will send countless more beyond Ethereal Seas.


Placed my head upon my pillow

Closed my eyes to go to sleep

Drifted off toward the battle

Beyond Ethereal sea

Embattled ramparts are remaining

Upon pummeled distant shore

As mighty souls are seen engaging

The adulterous heartless spawn

The wretched one is falling

Raging, stumbling, all about

And still persists in calling

The heart that’s filled with doubt

Souls blinded by the smoke as the conflagration burns

Abandon every precious hope

When truth it is they spurn

Stabbing at ones fragile heart

Blood drops down from from the sword

Now soul bereft left languishing

When truth it is ignored

Slipping down to thirsty depths

Trembling hearts drown heaving

Mingling now with hapless souls

Who abandoned Love’s truthful meaning

The hardened heart dims the light

In its refusal to believe

And plunges into eternal night

Beyond Ethereal Seas

The truth is written on our own hearts. The matter of discerning between a truth and a lie matters. To what degree has our view of the truth become distorted? And, very importantly, why?

We continue in our proclamations of truth and liberty, yet the people continue to cry out for freedom from oppression.

America has not become the land once hoped for. Continuing to decree decrees upon the people which are not right, and brought about by guilefull deceptions. The needy are robbed of justice and what is meant for the poor gets stolen from them. The widows and fatherless lie in our own streets. Woe to those who perform these abuses. Desolation will come from afar.

Everytime a lie is spoken listen not to those lips. Do not go in with those people. That’s what my mom taught too. She had another saying. She’d say, “You live with the lame and you learn to limp.” And still another,  “You are known by the company you keep.” America has jumped into bed with some real beautes these past years.

My ‘connect the dots’ for today. I hope you have a good one.



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