Thank You for Yesterday



I hope that my Son, Allen, and family, as well as all my friends had a Lovely and blessed Thanksgiving yesterday.

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that for the first time in many years I enjoyed the warmth of those Thanksgiving past where all the cousins were on their way, all bundled up against, perhaps, a winter snow. And, that is in the warmth of those youthful gifted memories.

Where the turkey was basted that beautiful brown skin, and the gravy, O MY pass the gravy. The pearl onions, sweet peas, butternut with a dash of cinnamon please. The stuffing from scratch with that O so good Bell’s; and further seasoned with Love by mom, my Angel.

The dial now turned to the floats and balloons. The reindeer, the sleigh, and that jolly man. “What time is the game?” George would ask. A discussion ensues, I have to laugh.

The blessed warmth of those, and so many more memories of Love and care, the Lord brought in all compassionate care for me yesterday. I could actually feel my mother’s arms, and the tenderness in the sound of her voice as she would send me off with a cookie. My dad’s hands were so big and warm. Melting into his hugs could not be rivaled.

My God Jehovah is not only an awesome God, He is also a mightily comassionate and wonderful Father who has and is bringing me from turbulent depths.  He Loves us all with such a tenderness, such personal intent to Love. No wonder He is called Beautiful.

Thank you heavenly Father for bringing me this, and each year, hearts who would care. I Love you.

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