Born in Salem in March of 1960, the first five years of my life aren’t worth mentioning except that I lost a very big part of my heart when I lost my sister Cynthia and my brothers;  Robert, Ronald, Paul and David. (And come to find out later, Sandy too.)

In May of 1965 I was adopted into the loving hearts and arms of Emanuel and Evelyn. I grew up in and lived with my parents until I was 19. In the summer of 1979 I moved to where I met my ex-husband. A wonderful man really but, we were young and had our issues so it only lasted 5 years. During this time we had a beautiful son name Allen Emanuel.

After the divorce, my son Allen and I went to evangelize. I was not very good at it, regrettably. After six months, one very bad car accident and the house catching fire, I returned North with Allen. We lived in Maine for about 15 years where I worked and raised Allen.

In ’93 we lost my dad. He was a gentle and compassionate man whom I still miss very much. You could melt into his hugs.

In 2000, Allen and I returned to care for my mother who had developed Alzheimer’s. We lost her in 2001. She had been a loyal friend and tower of strength in my life and I miss her dearly.

From a very young age, I have had a desire to be close to my Heavenly Father. I also have had a desire to write and throughout my life would dabble here and there. I have decided to combine these two passions and try and write with a penchant toward spirituality and writing for the Glory of God.




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