Did You See This As Well?

Godly Instruction


I’m kind of going into uncharted territory for me, but I want to bring you in for a moment.

If you will, please follow me………

I have cancer. My second dance with this unwelcome and aggressive suitor. I have recently also been given the news that a concerning mass (concerning because of fast growth) has been found in my colon. There are also a multiplicity of other life threatening issues doing there pathetic best to gnat about. But again, no real matter.

So, why am I inviting you in on this personal business that generally one does not willingly bring up, and even among friends?

Well, my condition brings certain questions from my mind. Questions that will come to and out of the minds of all men and women when they are dying.

I want to say here that, I am not downcast or blue, and I say it so you don’t worry about this. It is well in hand dears.

So, questions. Many, if not all, people wonder not only what the physical experience is at the point of passing, but also what, if anything, is on the other side. My question, in particular here, has to do with when do I get there?

As to the physical experience, I think our own eyes tell us that it is varied.

Regarding what, if anything, is on the other side of death; as for myself, I am the Lord’s. Knowing that death has been swallowed up in victory by Him then makes the question settled in my own mind.

Now the question as to when do i go there has been popping up in my head more lately, and I couldn’t tell you why. I’ve even heard others wonder a bit about it.

Then this morning when I was pondering, some things I had read and learned over time fit together in that ole proverbial puzzle in our craniums.

“When”, I’m thinking to myself. “I know that there is no consciousness in the grave and that the body returns to dust. So where does the consciousness go? Does it, itself now sleep, or does it go back with that which gave it life and which does not sleep?”

Do you remember Jesus, as He was hanging on the tree, saying to another hanging next to Him, “Truly I say unto you, ‘today’ you will be with Me in paradise.” Upon the man’s death he would immediately go to be with Jesus Christ. “…..today….in paradise.”

I wonder what this says for us?

I’m off now to do whatever. And my mind will continue in its meandering. I can’t help it. It’s fun anyway, and I do hope it’s given you a pleasant reflection.

Affectionate Regards,


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