Eye Of The Tiger


What are you receiving comes after, and yes after, the question what am I giving.

They say you have to be cruel to be kind. This is a true statement. However, the comprehensive  truth in it is very often not appreciated. For some reason human beings will come to an understanding of the need for kindness only through their own acts of unkindness. For we see the need
for others to be understanding of, and FOR us in our own dismay at having not valued another enough to have been considerate for them. We will come to a point of knowing we need forgiveness for having wronged another.

Mercy is unmerited favor. Unmerited forgiveness. Unmerited kindness.

They say there is kindness in truth, and I’ll say too that there is just as much truth in kindness.

Therefore, kindly dispense your truth. Mix every thought with the ingredient of kindness. Speak every word you speak only after having salted it with kindness. Seek to be kind in every deed you perform. For what you receive is determined by what you give.



Falling Off the Wall


Falling Off the Wall

I have had opportunity of late to; well let’s just say I am having new, very significant doors being presented to me.

Today I saw more clearly again. (Perhaps one of those times when you or I would most usually not visit this level, depth, room, and so on. I think you may understand.)

I found myself at a point where I began to lament selfishness and rabid brutality, and the ugliness in this that mankind displays.

I became angry at us!

I questioned how we could be so damn foolish that we still haven’t got this thing called living down. And then I flashed on the absolute despair at having to perceive, not only of US so desolate, but of THIS at all.

Then I became INDIGNANT! “No-one judge me. Not YOUR toys, not YOUR sh!t show.”

Then there came a purposed, and necessary poison that precisely  resurrected understanding in an absolutely devastating, and despairing discourse.

Then I became humble.

Then I knew mercy.

Then I judged not.

Nancy Evelyn Pais
(All rights reserved)

I Know You Are A Walrus, But Are You A King?


crown of righteousness gold

Just as we can imagine and relate with the dog, who with its proverbial bone, growls while slobbering and angrily shaking its head, saying to itself “I’m not giving my bone to ANY cur”; we ourselves say “do not cast your pearls to the swine.”

We value and protect our pearls just as the dog protects its bone. “We WILL not share OUR pearls with ANY swine!” We are quite adamant in this. The swine will not appreciate the pearl.
Being precious, when we give our pearl away, we give away more than the value of a pretty pearl. We give away an intimate and sacred part of ourselves. There is always a piece of ourselves attached to everything we value and thus everything we give. If we perceive that one will not appreciate the value of that which we are giving then we hesitate, at least, to give it.

Those lustrous pearls of particular value are the ones that are particularly desired. At the same time, both generally AND specifically, these are the pearls that will always be found within the room of honor. Honor means something of particular worth to every man. It’s luster and attraction can be said to be universally hypnotic.

When we humans say, “Do not cast your pearls before swine.”; inherent within our response is our perception of both the swine, and why we do not cast our pearls to it. Often ugliness, or stain is associated with the word swine. Stain is not good to us nor desired. It is ugly and we equate ugly with evil. We do not do ugly well. We will reject ugly.

When it is a swine we are dealing with this is always true. We are, indeed, innately repulsed by the swine. It is just as true that every pig we deal with is not necessarily swine. This is clear in the totality of what we FULLY perceive with the particular term swine.

What we might call innate repulsion, however, will not exist where there is no ugliness. It is important to note and understand what our innate repulsions are. We must know to discern them and identify that our repulsion is actually innate. If it is innate, it is not to be ignored. It must be understood; whether the understanding leads us to ugliness that is attached to another OR JUST AS importantly, whether it is attached to ourselves. We MUST have and know both simultaneously. To continue minimizing this fact will lead us to continually fail in our interaction with one another, both individually and communally in the cosmic synergistic consciousness.

We minimize what we do not consider significant. We devalue it. We relegate it to some yon region. We do not value what we do not, and will not, honor. We generally do not honor that which is not understood.

In particular, we all know of the raging jihad happening today. We have all, at the very least, heard of it. My friends, this is one of those things in our lives that must not be ignored.
We often hear the Muslim describe anyone or anything that is not Islam, as swine; meant for nothing more than that which is to be derided and slaughtered. Indeed we do see what adherence to that creed has wrought in them.
The Muslim, also, has heard the term swine used to describe them. The idignation in this is significant, and should be understood as significant, and significantly.

And why are we indignant with their abhorrent behavior when we ourselves have done the same things before in our own past? We still managed to create stain that we, to this day, shrink from in shame. The inquisition being one that comes to immediate mind. And it continues today, not in same form, but at least in belief?

The barbarian, if he should continue in this conversation AND while choosing to remain a barbarian, will gain little in understanding henceforth here. Although there is always that which is available.

We are struggling to understand humanities blindness and resulting brutality and ultimate consequences. The consequences of today. How often have we just shaken our heads in actual dismay and said, “Just stop with all the brutality. The hate must stop!?”

We most often recognize hate when we see its ugliness in others. “They are no more than brutes.” The swine will have rabid brutality. It is important to distinguish that rabid brutality is not only exhibited by the swine however. So be careful in your understanding and judgement of others.

The book of Islam was written by a prophet indeed! A prophet of death. We ourselves, have in the past, been those very same prophets of death to others. We cannot say, that just because it is the Muslim being deceived today that it is they themselves that are evil. They do many viciously brutal and evil things yes. But so have we before, and some still do today. This must stop.

So if there are those among us who are willing still to be brutal in our attempts to convey our point of view, be it an honorable point or not, how can we ask the Muslim, who is driven into absolute blind rage, to have any hope in not doing the same themselves?

We are not to be foolish either, in understanding that if any man comes against you with intent to kill then you absolutely have the right to defend yourself against him. And yes, even to the point of death. Remember, there “is a time to kill”, and when you find yourself engaged in mortal combat with the barbarian who will’s not relent by sound reasoning, then this would be the appropriate time. So like I said, do not be ignorant in this. We are NOT sheep for slaughter! Period.

In today’s body politic, Israel will easily come to mind when thinking this. For, INDEED, they are daily shouting it from their rooftops! “We will not be removed!” No matter what side of the argument one finds oneself on we WILL NOT go quietly into that dark night. Jew, Christian, Muslim alike.

What honor is there in allowing ones self to be slaughtered with the whimper of sheep and despisement of the swine? Martyrdom!? We are NOT martyrs. Although many of us submit to it because we attach, and should attach WHEN APPROPRIATE, a certain honor to it. I insist however, WE are not martyrs! Jew, Christian, Muslim alike. Boy don’t we like to act like it though. Although it is difficult to understand why when considering the suffering inherent within true martyrdom.

For the Christian and Jew the name Jesus Christ will very often, if not always, come to mind when considering martyrdom. It will also come to mind for Muslims, but will be received differently. Being that Mohammad is their venerated prophet, they receive Christ as nonsense. Continually deriding that which no barbarian can appreciate. I make note here, let us also not remain barbarians in our own understanding of Muslims and Islam.

The barbarism displayed in religiosity, be it Islam or ANY other “religion” and including when displayed in our own, is caused by insidious evil. Evil manifests where there is lack in understanding somewhere along the line. People are destroyed for lack of knowledge. It will and does enter through every single crack of and in ignorance. It is astounding to perceive that we, who value and seek knowledge often and undesirably, refuse to completely appreciate this knowledge.

Evil ALWAYS enters through the door of ignorance.

One must call a spade a spade. Double mindedness is not an option in these things. It must be made clear that, YES evil in reality and actuality does exist! Do not minimize it. Do not. We must not!

Let not ourselves be barbarians of understanding. Embodied within Islam, the path of death the Muslim accepts as the way of and to life, importantly indicates the depths of their suffering. They have been intolerably subjugated by it, through it, and to it. They have no liberty in it; therefore they have death. Islam can rightly be seen as “harbinger of death.” It comes replete with and in blindness. They absolutely do not understand their own egregious imprisonment.

They seek freedom from their imprisonment by expressing hatred. That hatred is cast onto those not of Islam. Islam misidentifies the thorn and instead destroys the rose in its attempt to pluck out of the thorn.

A true man of wisdom will not tolerate Islam well. When those of wisdom are in bondage to the death Islam brings with it, there is a visceral immediate agonizing in it. Hence instant and often violent reaction to it. Almost always ill-advised. Understand that Islam can, and does, hold many wise men hostage to it. Many will not understand this.

A Muslim is not one who will take dishonor. We are not ones who should accept dishonor either. For in the intent and purity of righteous and true honor, we all have that which there is to partake.

So where does the twain meet? They say, “Never the twain shall meet”, but I tell you now it is meeting here. However dysfunctionally.
Jihad has always existed. We all have our own personal jihad going on inside of us. Today, however, we see it more concretely and devestationgly expressed. Are we to continue to ignore why? And how?

By now the thinking man will know that the ends do not necessarily justify the means. Islam does not teach life through justification. It teaches that; by means of death life is achieved. This is an insurmountable enigma to them as long as they believe that by means of death life will be found. They have it absolutely drilled into them not to leave Islam. It is taught as dishonorable. Every man will seek to maintain what they perceive as honor.

We all require certain sustainable knowledge. Their current lack of knowledge has them in bondage completely. Indeed they will not appreciate this; they find themselves the sheep if they were to open their eyes. The dishonor they attach to this causes them to not accept to continue on to understand further. And in the very same way we ourselves choose to remain within our own prison walls, so they remain in theirs.

In particular, when we ourselves were slaughtering thousands in our own brand of religiosity, would we have appreciated condemnation to death for it? We deserved it. For sure we were deserving of it. So why did God have mercy on us to not be extinguished? Because God knows we are not the source of evil. We are affected by it in our ignorance yes. But we are not the source of evil, and that goes for those who we identify as Muslim as well.

In the retardation of the mind which is brought on by adherence to the “belief” in Islam as truth, there is no room for truthful reason. One is not allowed to even think outside the box of Islam. Because of its lack of liberty Islam teaches hatred and resulting death in opposition to any disagreement to it. Whereas we are taught Love and the life in it.

They are indeed ruled by it. That room is absolutely ruled by fear and provides death, and causative of the resulting actions which bring death.

One seldom reasons effectually with that which one despises. We do not do death well. None of us. It is despised as among the ugliest things to us all. Jeez, who would have thought? Right? Yes to its ridiculously nth degree.

Our pearl of honor will not be cast to any despisement, especially death. We simply will not, we cannot. Ultimately we should not. That is to include all persons. Including every Muslim.

The Muslim is not the root or cause of the evil, just as we during the inquisition were not the cause or root of the evil we displayed then. Make no mistake in the full understanding and appreciation of the fact that our own display was every bit as vile and brutal as displayed through Muslims today. And my friends, it continues with all of us individually still. We don’t like to accept that. This is ugly to us. As it should be.

So we understand that the person that is a Muslim is not the root of evil and is no less deserving of mercy than we ourselves. And because of our own suffering and reaction to brutality, (having come to a point of certain otherwise unfathomable understandings about evil BECAUSE it was we, who antithetical to our being, were the murderers) we should endeavor on with all the more grace in our dealings with those in bondage by and to the teachings of Islam.

They won’t like hearing it, many will outright refuse even the notion, that they themselves are in bondage to a thing. Muslims do not do slavery well. Can it be said that any of us truly does?

So separate the afflicted from the affliction. Heal the afflicted. Destroy the infliction.

We do not fight against flesh and blood. The battle is in the mind. George Bush indicated this when he outright said, “We win by the winning of hearts and minds.” It was true then, it is true now, and it has always been and will remain true. Truth never itself changes.

There are spiritual realities in life. I do not quite grasp why it is we insist on not respecting this more fully. It needs to be understood AND appreciated IF we are to more effectively deal with what is happening in our world. (Which is a reflection of what is happening in each of us.) We struggle mightily everyday! And again, it is an astounding thing to perceive that we so consistently minimize this.

WE ARE VALUABLE enough to have been, not only given mercy, but tasked in the responsibilities of extending it. Now THAT is mercy. THAT displays grace.

That grace WILL ALWAYS be found within the sacred chest of the most lustrous pearls of any man of honor. We ALL desire this highly prized pearl called grace.

“Honor above all” is not an unfamiliar phrase to any of us. Neither is “diamond in the rough.” In our chest of valuable things perhaps the most cherished gem is the diamond. It’s sparkle is intoxicating. It’s fame renowned. Our own value is preferred above even the most flawless diamond. Value THIS honor.

We will fight vehemently for that which is valuable to us. Both individually and collectively. Let us not leave the value of honor behind in our jihad. Leaving behind honor must not be considered an option. When it is considered an option, it has already been displaced. Return it again immediately to its place. Do NOT let it stray from you. To lose your honor will cause defeat in whatever you are endeavoring. The means must ALWAYS include honor.

Is the Vulcan way honorable? Logic, when correctly and precisely applied, will allow much by way of understanding. Not all understanding comes through logic however. Although it is good and has its own necessary worth, more is required.

We learn by experience. It is difficult, if not impossible, for us to have understanding in knowledge without experience. And we do desire, indeed require, both. This is no small matter and is minimized to our own distress every day.

And so both experience and logic are needed for more comprehensive understanding.

We know that we are to hold within our quiver mercy, and graciously dispensed honorably. And BY GOD HERE I AM TELLING YOU, to everything dishonored.

We were dishonorable in times of our own shameful ignorance. Remember this.

And so regarding Islam and the Muslim. Distinguish betwixt the dishonored and the dishonor. And as we do and must judge, let us judge all things YET no one. Judge honorably.

Murderous intent comes with evil. Murderous intent is indicative of evil. It is by no means honorable or tolerable. We find evil in the room of ignorance. The room itself becomes despised rather than the evil hiding itself within. And so we knock down the walls attempting to eradicate the evil that exists inside forgetting the value of the room.

There will come that day when we “Shall not kill.” And we should not seek to kill in any other situation today other than in defense of life. We are NOT sheep! Protect yourself with every vigor. Remember your quiver tho, and let not full honor be missing in this.

We wish the death of no man. Muslim included, and the Muslim is our brother. Many will have a vile reaction to accepting even the notion of the Muslim as our brother, and especially if they have not understood what has been already presented here and in totality. Conversely many Muslims will also kick against this prick.

Do not think me foolish in ANY of this. It would be unwise to do so. Do not be ignorant in its depth nor it’s RELEVANCE.

Most will not have followed me this far I know. I find myself questioning if even one has. This is a meal meant for Kings, after all. And Kings proficient in honor, at that. And how many such Kings do we have to look to today? If you are still with me you have done well.

Today is not the day of plowshares. We find today we must still defend life. Do so wisely.

We have battlefields still. The battlefield of the mind being the most imperative. “The battle is in the mind.” Win the battle in the mind and you will see that we do already have the victory.

Do not be ruled by emotion. Unruled emotion will cause an unstable crack. Do not be ignorant in either understanding emotion OR its useful purpose. Do not be manipulative with it.

Understand that Love is not weakness. Love will neither possess nor present weakness. Yet it serves to the bringing down of the mightiest of any other stronghold.

The reason we despise Islam is because we are made of the stuff of Love. All of us are, including the Muslim. Make no mistake; Islam teaches and adheres to the tenants of evil hatred. Therefore we do see the brutality of murderous intent coming from those in bondage to it.

We are not expected to be martyrs to it either. We are NOT sheep! We do still find it necessary to fight against those whom it possesses. Be a thinking individual in all that is said, I implore you. It is critically necessary. Men of honor kill ONLY when there is no other option available in defense of life. Men of true wisdom always honor this. It is difficult none-the-less. Overcome this difficulty.

Nephariousness must not exist within any honorable thing. Period. You know yourselves to be sly as the fox yes, but the only way slyness will bring true success is when mixed with the guilelessness of the dove. We have plenty of foxes, as we should and need; but there are not many true doves anymore. Have there ever been?

Why cast this pearl to and for you? The simple and succinct answer is because of Love. And I do not mean only my own.

So here I have cast a pearl to you. It has value. Do not dismiss it for whatever the reason. Take that which is valuable in it for you and combine it with your own knowledge and understanding. We must take the best of both and combine it to come out with better.

Wise men will know to unify around Love. Indeed there is unity in Love for no man can exist without Love.

Do not fear to cast your pearls. Even tho the swine will have no use of your pearls, there are others who will benefit from them, and that alone is worth sharing them.

All things work together for good for those who Love in truth. This is to, and specifically includes God.

Do not neglect sharing what you know for fear of being derided. Derision is brought only through ignorance.

It is necessary to distinguish when it is time to speak and when to remain silent yes. But seek your proper opportunity in speaking. You have value. Do not be dismissed nor dismissive.

A problem is that we think each other the enemy. Ignorance is a devastating enemy. We do not fight against flesh and blood. Certainly not from God’s perspective.

Nancy Evelyn Pais