Elohim’s Song of ALLIYAH


 Israel Dear Heart;{hear me Toming}>

You are known. You are Beloved of ALL. You are borne of necessary justified purpose.


Children; I am known by a number of monikers: Nancy, GRACE7949, Numbnut, ULTRA_BLUEBIRD, ULTRA_SENTINEL, Daffodil–{Lionheart}, Feathered Buffalo, Daughter of the Most High, ULTRA_Conundrum.

Children; know that my Love is of, and is in, Christ/Yeshua/Yahweh/Elohim and I am humbled and pleased to be asked to walk through the garden with you. I am an Ambassador in His Christ/Yeshua/Yahweh/Elohim/Jehovahs’ name, service, court, and for the effectual merciful completion of the establishment of Love in, through, to, at, and authoritatively by and for Jehovah’s primary necessary purpose and regard. As Yahweh speaks to me regarding any matter so I harmonize. Jehovah’s regard for you this hour desires that I sing from THE

Tome of Elohim.

Children, here me singing now:

{Elohim’s Tome of ALIYAH>}

Yahweh is the faithful performed establishment of ALL law. There is only ONE law. There is only ONE desire. There is only ONE. BEAUTIFUL speaks for you from the heart of Love this very moment.

  • Once Love has manifested Himself in your life, it is there {then} where you have been shown what is good. His Spirit witnesses with the spirit within you. And you awaken to, and you recognize, and you know, and you testify to the truth you now find within yourself. A silent proclamation has been made. Love recognizes Love and the fountain of its genesis. Herein and henceforth you find your own salvation.
  • God is Spirit and God is Love. Love displays no ignominy. Love hopes all. Love is just. Love trusts all. Love forbears all. Love judges no one. Love is zealous. Love is merciful. Love is grace. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is gentle. Love seeks peace. Those who are to Love must Love in spirit and in truth.

Yahweh is fitly placing, adjoining, and securing many wonderful rooms within the heart our Father’s mansion.

Home: <sp. –from>Origin; “residence, dwelling, place of safety, native, goal, institution, center, return, comfort.

Children; Yahweh is showing us the way of our deliverance. We are ALL constrained with ALL expediency embark. Paradise awaits ALL.

Blue Bird of Paradise

You are loved beyond measure

Sweet glistening bird of paradise

So aptly filled by His pleasure

And beckoned by His kiss

From the heart of this tender dove

Faithful words to us bestowed

Darling and strong purveyor of Love

Sounds the cooing soft and low

Our sweet whisperer of compassionate grace

To the altar calling His lovely fair maiden

Come quickly now to passionate Redeemers embrace

For all is our given bliss for the taking

Thine loyal buckler arisen now to defend

To sate from within glorious gleaming breasts

No longer distant the deep rumbling thunder

Hither empties laden tear o’er majestic mountain peak

Satisfying is the dew dripping from the honey of His lips

And forgiveness now realized the long awaited dawn

No longer is mercies cry suffered forlorn

Thou art promised splendors of magnificent surrender

Oh, silence the bane, at His command has lifted

Now to sustaining the appointed daybreak

Pour fully of Thy cup upon the consuming pyre

From the spigot of majesties gifted deliverance

To loves purposeful and patient caress

Necessarily borne elegant upon the wings of precious desire

‘Neath supple touch find relished succor

Oh, let us now answer swift

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy G-d reigneth!”


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