Phoenixes Rising

Inspiration, Love, Poetry

Phoenixes Rising


There was never a one ever made such as Jewels, who could, so beautiful his heart tenderest, rule.
The jewel above gems, always yearning he sought, stands now there before him beyond trepid thought.

This chivalrous Knight now bows to his Queen, and within his eyes her sparkle visibly gleams.
Polished armor he raises to mirror back again, same gleam in her eye’s as she beholds him.


His heart, to her true with honor and pride, is faithful in step with every stride.
For Love does know Love though can hardly express, the delicate flame now to each other passed.

This union, embraced by their souls thus entwined, brings succour to each ones’ heart, body, and mind.
Love, by grace borne with hope’s purpose now flies; upon wings, above clouds, toward loftiest spire.


Nancy Evelyn Pais
Copywrite, All Rights Reserved

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