Immanuel’s Tome of Preciously Desired Embrace

Godly Instruction

“…….and you shall call Him Immanuel.”


Darling Children,

Tenderest Immanuel, and I, will share our desire with you now as we bid you come hither while regaling, “Love’s Embrace Awaits Thee My Lovely Fair Maiden.”

Immanuel has told me of His pursuit of me. Here, He desires that you hear it too. I, also, want you to know of my pursuit of Him.

Our tome resounds permeably throughout the hall of gossamer embraces. Causing the walls to tremor as they absorb it’s regard, they quake fearlessly in the fullness of their hope.

Hear our caressing reverberate dulcimer thrombin to beguile you into willingness. We bid you feel the touch of Immanuel’s primal decree.

Immanuel’s Tome of Preciously Desired Embrace is cast longingly, with fervent pining, upon the spry and bracing zephyr. It’s only charge, to find you swiftly in its meandering of the ethereal. It’s only whisper, to come hither and witness the beauty within Immanuel’s heart.


Immanuel came to speak with Solomon. Immediately upon seeing his friend Immanuel, Solomon spoke forth, “The voice of Your desired embrace is singing out for You!”

Look to witness mother being caressed by the soft green grasses, swaying around her lovely body, in her graceful traverse across the lush and bountiful hillside. As the delightful doe eyed gazelle she is looking, and she is calling, “Darling, my beloved, come away with me for now the winter is past. The snows are over and gone, and the flowers bloom abundantly over all the earth. Each one’s fragrance full bodied with sweet cajoling.


The time for singing is come and the guileless melody of the gentle turtledove is replete with relished succor. She sings while displayed in her clothing of scarlet hue. She knows the timing as she intones in unison with Bluebell’s singing, softly.”


See mother as she appears over the mountain, peaking. Look, she is clearing the mountaintop now! She is bounding upon the landings of the stony rock guarding the summit with her determined, dancing, sierra hooves. She elicits their response and the stones cry out, “Your desired embrace awaits thee Lovely Fair Maiden.” She beseeches increasingly for the kiss of the anticipated risen glimmering Son and tenderly calls, “My pleasing is to see You pleased over my pleasure regarding Your desired embrace.”


Immanuel looked up toward the hillside and answered His Lovely Fair Maiden, “Know of My enchantment with you, My beloved. Come to Me, My Lovely Fair Maiden. My hearts blessed joy is to the fullness of Paradise’s resplendencies. Come here with Me, My Lovely Fair Maiden, here within the garden of My heart.

Hither My darling, My cherished one! Hither My darling, My cherished one! Sing again for Me, My preciously desired embrace! The shadows have fled! The fig tree is in fullness and offers its luscious fruit with its petals continually reflecting prisms hue’s. The Son’s warmth is inviting and is shed broadly across the land.

Come here to Me, My Lovely Fair Maiden, here within the garden of My heart. Let Me see your face, and let Me hear your voice; for your voice is pleasant to hear and your face is lovely to behold. You are My Love, My Lovely Fair Maiden, and My song is for you and so shall remain into the appointed dawn of full knowing. My yearning is for your faithful kisses upon My cheek.

Come with relished willful surrender unto Me, My Lovely Fair Maiden. Swiftly, My beloved, My earnest desire, and come away with Me, Immanuel.”

White Lion Wedding

Nancy Evelyn Pais
Copyright, All rights reserved

All That I Am Is Yours


All that I am is Yours Lord I Love You. Thank You for not only Your faithfulness to us, but for the abundance of Your goodness to us. You are truly an awesome God and magnificently Loving Father.   “Until I shall Love Thee as I would accept my hearts desire.”

I hear a lot about serving You and obeying You; And all the must do’s and damned if you do do’s when people speak of being in relationship with you. As if to be a slave?!! Nonsense.

To be honest I once saw it the same myself. After all the words “slave” and “bondage” and “serve” have a very distasteful flavor down around these parts. For good cause, as I am sure You know even more than all of us, no matter who we are either individually or collectively, do. It is with You alone whereby is the fulfillment of all things.

Being in bondage to Almighty God?
Being a slave to Love?
Serving from the heart of this Love not only my Father, but my fellow man? Wherein is distaste here?

I understand more why you do not want our sacrifices. As if to say that service to Love were a sacrifice for any child of the ALMIGHTY GOD OF LOVE ITSELF. You do not want our sacrifice, simply our trust. I lean not to my own way Father, but on Your counsel. I believe the promises You have made. I know the good work which You began was, and is, and will be fully accomplished in and by YOU. My awe and Love for You goes exceedingly beyond words.

I only know to say I Love You, and thank You Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Your will be done entirely.