Why Are You Here?



Why are you here? When you came here you knew this Country was founded on belief in Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ. Now you are here and you say that our God is offensive to you. You say we must put our God away and not worship Him openly and freely because you have a different god and your god says that we must accept his religion or die.

Why are you here? We let you in voluntarily so that you may enjoy freedom and liberty. Here is freedom to get away from the tyranny that is rampant in your homeland, and liberty to worship the God you choose. But you come here and would take away that very same foundational freedom from me. Instead of availing yourself of freedom and liberty as it was intended you use it to establish fear and subjugation. Have you not yet learned that fear and moth corrupts? And if you have then why do you continue in it? What is it you are trying to subvert? I know you think it is our Government. And to some degree you may, indeed already have, had some success in this. But know this; that which your god wants you to overthrow cannot be overthrown.

You insist on continuing to brutalize your women and murdering your children even though you now live in a country that gives you liberty to choose otherwise. You set up shadow networks that funnel millions upon millions of dollars, while many of you live off our welfare, and you send it back to other countries and organizations that support continued violence and atrocities. And you do this in the name of this god of yours whom you say must be venerated.

And for those of you who say you are more “moderate” and take no part in this; where is your voice? Oh I hear some scattered here and there who speak out occasionally, but you cannot put out a forest fire with sparse drops of water. Many times we say more in silence than we do in speech. What your silence tells me is that the fear instilled in you in your homeland is still gripping you today. It tells me that you have yet to learn to overcome this fear in order that you may speak out; both for those in your community who do seek Love and peace; and also that you may warn those of us here about the atrocities and abhorrent brutalities of those who seek to come here bent on rape, beheading, murder,…..and what else, I simply do not know. And this they do in the name of a god that instructs them to do it.

So the one you follow rules through fear. I will tell you the One I follow rules through Love. The one you follow rules with subjugation. The One I follow rules with liberty. The one you follow tells you that you must die for him. The One I follow died for me; and yet He lives. My Father sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ into this world to live and to die in order to show me, (and you), both what Love looks like, and the extent to which Love goes to help others in bondage to fear.

You came here for freedom; it is offered here in this country. You came here for liberty; it is offered here in this country. You came here seeking asylum from brutality; it is provided here in this country. “But”, you may say, “we are afraid of you who would also kill us.” Sadly that does happen and it is abhorrent, but it is not culturally ingrained as in your own country. Also, you must understand that the country I speak of cannot be held within boarders; it is not restricted to this land or that. It is a country whose citizenship is offered always to those who choose Love over hate; kindness over brutality; peace over fear.

So you live in a country where the freedom to choose this still exists, at least  more than it exists in many places of this world. What is it you are choosing? Why did you come here?

Harmonizing in THE Hollow