To Love’s Necessary Liberty



We always have the choices that liberty brings. And that is without fail. This is why liberty faithfully adhered to by Christ is so necessary. And yes, I said by Christ. We will not to be told what to do, we will to have things, and even things of necessity, of our own choosing. Now that’s balls before even God Himself. Indeed who IS man that He should consider us?!

And you know what His answer for us is? “I will to do this for you. There is wisdom in your words having come to the understanding and acceptance of this.

And, we will travel to unknown peaks and darkest valley. We will ride the wide open plain, and we will sail the mighty seas. We will plant the prettiest flours, and eat the best of honey. But, first l want to show you something you need to know before continuing on. There is only one way in things, and things will come in many ways.

What I want you to know too is that the journey is not an easy one, and filled with many pitfalls and outright danger. There are many things you will need to learn to know not only how, but, why to negotiate without falling. And what is more is that you will fall. And when you do I want you stop and think for a moment, and through the haze of suffering in it; remember that I will not leave you alone to abandon you here. No matter the reason or condemnation brought by any, including yourself.

This is absolute. And their is no height, no depth, no dimension, no power, no principlality, no opinion, no psychology, absolutely nothing at all that will cause me to leave you.

I will teach you what you need to know, and  through every affliction, to help you. I will constantly be speaking, I will constantly be upholding, and you know yourself I Am strong.

When you look to find me at these times remember to look for the good. Good is provided somewhere in every situation, even the most painful. This comes with learning to choose wisely. It is one of the most necessarily preferred figs on the vine.

All things serve there necessary purpose. I have purposed to Love you and lead you out of the dark through this. I have overcome everything we will encounter here and I will show you how. You will not always get the answer you may think to initially ask. Although, at sundry times, you will.

The thing important to remember is who are you that I have inclined my ear to you? The Angels, themselves, ask this question mystified.

But you. You have the answer given to you. You need to understand who you are to me, and why I have maintained faithfully for us both.

You are highly favored by me. For listen; to everything there is purpose, and you are purposed to Love.”

Love from My Heart to Yours


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