The Minotaur Speaks


         The Minotaur Speaks


I will introduce the Minotaur:
“He creeps almost imperceptibly from within the clutch of the crypt.  It is only because of the moon’s glow, whose sallow light is upon the mid eve soil, that you are able to see his shadow crossing.  He glides silently, fully, forcefully, and ominously as his entreat enters into the pitch of the palpable darkness.

His burgeoning heart rages against all will. 


His tortured mind condemns all that is all.  His undeniable and exasperated wrath is set loose upon the slumbering earth.  Loosed upon the caring, and for the uncaring.

His excommunication was demanded through ill informed and callously indifferent judgments that come from those whose unconsidered miasma fluidly rolls from their tongue.  Those who claim to speak truth but whose ignorant conclusions are more deadly than the venom of 10 of the most noxious serpents one could find within the entirety of creation.  Those whose blind determinations will end the life caught writhing within unrelentingly insensitive and casual embraces.

His fundamental wails now permeate the air as they echo over the mist-laden hillsides, and down into the valleys, and it seeps into the dwelling place of man.  It strikes gnawing fear within the heart of any who hear his questioning.”

And now the Minotaur speaks:


“This is the room of the haunting hollow.  This room is beyond familiar fortress of now crumbling stone.  This room lies past the tomb of the living that knows not its own death.  In obscurity this room is found before the veil.

It does not seem that escape for her will be possible.  Mightily restrained and vexed she cannot pull away.  She is forced against the unimaginable; the unspeakable.  In her precise helplessness scorching tears, even now, stream down her tormented face.  She is absolutely destroyed because of this cruel embrace.

Do you really think you have courage?  Do you really suppose to understand?  Consider well and beware.  From this room darkness IT cries out!

I cast not this pearl to the swine and the pearl is this:  Even the comfort that comes from hope will not follow to save her here.  None but the erudite may enter this battle with her.  And that is for no other reason than to protect you.  If she falls before you have complete understanding of this room it will kill you.  You will not be allowed in unfettered, and that is because she is concerned for your own salvation.  The indignant sacrifice will not be suffered.  And she begs me to tell you that this is not of heroism but of necessity.  You must appreciate that there is grave danger that surrounds us here.  Do not impinge in this room of the Minotaur. I report the deadly.

Consider well and beware the consequences of thinking I have misspoken in any way.

I am prevented to speak any further of what she beholds here.”

A Friends Response:


“My dear friend I know you are not born of the flesh of my family, yet I count you as close to my heart as one would an adored sister and truest lifelong friend.

I implore you, please tell me what grips you so mightily that perhaps I might understand and help free you from those torturous chains.  Be not hesitant to show me the thorn that has pricked and made swollen your flesh that I might aid you to pull it out and destroy it utterly.

What manner of madness is this that causes such deformities of mind, spirit, and flesh?  Bring me to those dark places and I will walk with you through the shadows.

Be not afraid of me.  I will not faint and I will stay with you and fight your cause with you.  For remember, I have told you, my Love for you goes beyond flesh.  I will not desert you for the sake of any horror in your dark and disfiguring hours.  I will stand with you as a brother and friend would; always seeking the good benefit.  I will remain faithful on your behalf.  I will not see you cast into oblivion while I have breath.  I remain faithful.

Do not suffer yourself to be alone for I am here.  And others also, who have the heart to love you and shield you.  We will show forth courage and understanding for you until you find your own strength and stand whole and healthy with us; all of us being bound together by the purity of love’s purpose.

The Minotaur will now speak:


“Thoughtful and considerate friend of hers you know not what you ask.  As always you valiantly and necessarily endeavor to aid her.  Think not that it is irrational that you are prevented from this hollow.  She has understanding that you do not in this matter and until she is satisfied that you have been brought to the fruition of it she will not suffer her malignancy upon you.  You, too, would be in perilous danger.

Do not think that meager concerns exist here.  Only the stalwart are allowed.  This is of necessity.  Understand the meaning of this, “Too quickly is the moment from grayness to despair in this room”.  You may think you know of the despair in which she suffers but you do not.  For if you did, you would have already told her and thereby I would have granted you permission to engage on her behalf.

I have seen her trembling from the beginning.  In the darkness of abhorrent and unending confinement and subjugation suffered she; dreadfully.  I heard her cries.  You have not been provided this trembling.  Be careful what you ask of me; for her sake or not!

If you are to help her you must forbear in all your considerations over this enigma reluctantly presented to you.  It is forced.  Know this; her ambiguousness is not by choice and is fueled by the clarity of what she beholds.

I will tell you this and consider emphasis thoroughly; I have seen many fall before her.”

The Minotaur has been given permission to report against her will:


“Do you think her malignancy is cast or permitted impetuously?  Do you think you know her lamentations?  I am sure you do not.  Her importunacy is born of this hollow.  She speaks with authority and it would be errant to consider it feigned by any means.  Do not misjudge her resolutions and it would be very easy to do so.  Just as there are no meager concerns here there are also no paltry considerations. 

Do not consider her in vanities scorning.  Indeed, ignominy is bound before the hollow and will not be found here.

She is neither friend nor foe.  In either case she is formidable.  Indeed I myself have engaged her yet she remains,


and I am the Minotaur!

What is the measure of a man and who by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?  Who can tell the bee not to sting and the snake not to strike?  Cease the bear from its charge and the pride from the hunt?  Divert the bull from its rampage and the shark from its frenzy?  You must be of a mind to consider, and be careful on whose account you place you’re determining.

No man of mere words can seek to understand the confounding.  You are implored to consider this carefully. Indeed Paul went to Rome and Plato to Dyonysius to prove what and to whom?  To what peril and what was the fruit thereof?  And verily Paul and Plato, in trepidation’s, received their reward; yet Rome and Syria fall to desolation.
Can Didyimus help you here?  She has already knocked upon his door by more than once or twice and finds him ill equipped in his weak pining’s.  His trifling is what?  Who falters and why?  Upon whose account is the payment offered?

Those with errant suppositioning with vehemence are prevented.  You must understand she has already passed the gate and it is I who grants permission here.  Those who wish to aid her must answer correctly to themselves.  Whoa to the betrayer in this. 


Nothing is masked in here and the wolf is known outright!  And for who’s sake is that?

What is the power of your disbelief here, and remember you answer to me!  How have you approved your doubt?!

Do not confuse her fragility.  You know not the fullness in this maturating.  Do not impudently think that you do.  You will not aid her within the embrace of any brutal apathy.  In no wise seek to subjugate.  On whose account will the resulting consequences be placed and for what purpose?  You are prevented?  And what is the fullness of that?

Do you maintain you will not faint if allowed to enter this conflagration?  And what is it?  I will measure the full integrity of all that you report.  You know yourself that the length, and breadth, and depth, and height are always tried.  Who it is through ignorance feigns is denied lest your weakness be upon her head.

The fear of whose world do you seek to remove?  By who’s authority and how has it been obtained?!  And how have you approved yourself?  And what is the benefit in my howling out for you to help me when upon your earnest and good desire when responding I cast out nothing but questions of you?  What is the good of that and upon who’s account will the resulting consequences be placed and why?  And your pain is upon her head.

If you seek permission in the hollow you must answer me Muhammad. Where is our mountain Muhammad?  Upon whose considerations is the unmovable moved?  Who can aid the unaidable?  You must understand the necessary depths one’s suffering.  And her weakness is upon your head.”

She will now speak:


“Those who hear the voice of this fool now weakly from the wilderness crying must with all kind consideration endeavor; can you move the unmovable here?

“The zakat in full measure has been paid at the gate.”

Nancy Evelyn Pais
Copyright, all rights reserved


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