Addressed to ALL Leadership Within the Worldwide Body of Christ

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I have been asking people myself if they know what The Gospel of Christ is. Every single person that I have asked has said no. I have posted the question (this post being one time) a number of times across my platforms. Specifically to leadership. Did you know that volumes are spoken in silence? If silence to this imperative question is the response from leadership itself, and I do mean worldwide, then how can we possibly expect any man to take The Gospel seriously? I will be posting at least something coherent soon so that those who are watching and waiting for the answer have good reason to hope, rather than suffer further exhasperation and disappointment. Anyone who wishes to answer please do so for the benefit of others. The question posed is by mo means rhetorically.

Unity in The Gospel of Christ (edited)


Please hear me. I know I am only I, but please take just the few minutes it will take to read this letter.

My name is Nancy Pais and I live in Massachusettes, USA. I have no credentials to offer you to encourage you to consider my words.  Although, I was raised Episcopalian, and then for a brief time visited Baptist, then Methodist, then The Way, then United Church of Christ, then Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now I only “label” myself Christian.  I listed this only so you would know, and also where it may offer any encouragement to continue reading.

I am writing today to plead with all of you, from the least to the more revered, to come together in unity. Unity in the bond of peace with one another, and unity in the message of the Gospel of Christ.

Many of you do not appreciate fully that, by and large, people just do not know what the Gospel of Christ is. If you think I am kidding set up one of those “interview on the street sessions” and spend a couple of days sampling different demographics. Ask the people, ” What is the Gospel of Christ?” Do this also within each and every one of your Congregations from living rooms, to tents, to halls, to Cathedrals, to Synagogues, to Mosques. You should be keenly interested to know the answers you will receive.

There are books about this, and books about that. There are video’s, and seminars abounding about how to do everything under the sun. There are historical volumes, and geaneologies, and strategies galore. Retreats, and dinners, and picnics, and sharings. These are all good things. I make no judgement against them.

My question is this; during your authorings, and video tapings, and retreats, and dinners, and picnics, and gatherings, and sharings do you always share the message of the Gospel of Christ with one another, and with those whom you are seeking to lead with books, and sermons, and videos? And always? By way of reminder, we are exhorted to continually do so. And leadership should already know to do this not only with the flock, but among yourselves also. Make it a part of every conversation and service. Share it! Continually exhorting, teaching, admonishing, correcting one another. Share it!

If you are to lead then you must lead us by example. We are wearied by the multitude of messages, and instructions, and catchy phrases, and banners. We need these things yes, but everything in it’s proper place. There is no message that comes before that which is given us, and that is Christ risen and the already established peace we have with our Father. (Ask yourselves “What is the one and only thing desired by yourself [be this fully understood in the mind or not] by each and every person that has or ever will exist? Do you know, and if you do what is it? What is each man’s imperative decree?

All the positive messages and sermons in the world will not do as much good as the positive and imperative message of Christ and and our found justification in this. People need hope and they are “drifting away” because you are cutting them loose to seek their own salvation in a world that has none other than that salvation which comes with the mind of Christ. And what is in the mind but the means by which we gain understanding in all mattwrs? And by the way just so you know, political correctness has gone far, far too far. As usual the spirit of the law is ignored, and we allow the letter to beat the backs of the faithful. This must stop. There is one law and one law only; that being the law of Love.

We are to speak with boldness in our collective unity in the bond of life through Christ. And what is life but the Love that manifested and dictates it?  Why do so many of us step back as if ashamed to speak the truth of Christ, and shamefully so?
No lie should go unchallenged anymore. Enough. Speak the truth. Ferret out the wolves and the leaven. Soundly instruct, and consistently, yourselves and the flock. That is what you are called to do. If I, who am only a mouse among you Princess, can speak with this boldness in Christ to you, then imagine what you could do in your own stations and callings. Unify yourselves together.

All the combined messages in the world will not do as much good as the one positive and imperative message of Christ and Him risen. God in Christ, and Christ in us.

And one last caution I would leave you with; there is too much division within our leadership. From the least to the more revered. There is outright heresy in some places. Backbiting and jockying. This does not go unnoticed. Certainly not by any thinking man or one of discerning. Ambiguity must not be found among us.

Therefore, I constrain each and every one of you to set aside all vanity and dissensions. Come together and unify yourselves around the message of Christ. None has the right to say of another there is no need of you, or I, myself, am to be more esteemed in any matter. Are we not all the bondservants of Christ?
Ferret out the lies and wolves that have seeped into even your own congregations. And do so graciously with one another in all humbleness, and with the understanding of mercy.
Continually exhort, uplift, and teach Christ so as to build up the body upon the only foundation which is already laid, and that is Christ Jesus.
Certainly continue the good works set before you to do each day as fits your station. It is necessary and valued. Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, heal the sick, look after the orphan and widow. But are you offering them only temporary comfort by not speaking boldly the truth of Christ that they may have the necessary hope to hold onto? Why? It violates PC rules? Fear? Hmph!! Whom do we seek to please? God or man? The thing of it is dears; by choosing to please God we ultimately choose to please both. Remember, it is God who brings forth the increase.
Who will answer us, with a unified voice in Christ, what is the Gospel of Christ? How do our Jewish brothers and sisters fit in all this since salvation is for them first and then the Gentile? Where is our shared unity and fellowship in Christ here?
I will stop for now my friends. God willing I will have opportunity to write again. May God’s graciously tender and divine guidance be with your every thought and step, and may you know your peace with Him through Christ Jesus our Sovereign, Living King and Lord.
The battle is in the mind and we are to put on the mind of Christ.
In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God. And The Word became flesh and dwelt among man in all graciousness and truth. He came unto His own and His own knew Him not. And God’s people are destroyed by lack of knowledge; the knowledge of The Truth of Christ.
With kind and fond affection in Christ,
Nancy Pais

None of the questions presented are meant to be left unanswered.

What have you further to say on “What is the Gospel of Christ” ?Please share it in the comments section here for the benefit of others. And if you cannot state it to meet the needs of the flock, you need ask yourself why.
I am posting this letter, and future communications regarding this, on my online platforms. I have addressed some already on Twitter and Facebook, although not yet all as looking up all your accounts is time consuming.

The list provided below are those in Worldwide leadership whom I have been, and am, endeavoring first to reach. If you know of others yourself, and I am sure you do, feel free to share this with them yourselves.

We are all members of the same body and MUST come together in unity of understanding so that we may all speak the same message in Christ.

Billy Graham, Billy Graham Ministry
John Hagee, Cornerstone Church
Yeikel Eckstein, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Mike Evans, Jerusalem Prayer Team
Yehuda Glick, Temple Mount, Jerusalem
Pope Francis, Catholic Church
Sean Patrick O’Malley, Archbishop, Boston
David Stern, Temple Emanu-El
Dr. Geoff Tunnicliff, World Evangelical Church
Jerry Pillay, Communion of Reformed Churches
Paulo Lockmann, World Methodist
Muniz Younan, Lutheran World Federation
Justin Welby, Lutheran Church
Prince Guneratnan, Pentacostal World Church
John Upton, Baptist World Alliance
Thomas Spencer Monson, Mormon Church
Charles Blake, Church of God in Christ
Andre Cox, Salvation Army
Stephen M. Veazy, Community of Christ
Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church
Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries
Ed Young, Second Baptist Church
Andy Stanley, Northpoint Church
Carol Scholler-Milner, Crystal Cathedral Ministries
Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Church
Craig Groeschel, Life Church
Charles E. Blake, West Angeles Cathedral
Ed Young Jr., Fellowship Church
Rick Warren, Saddleback Church
Bob Coy, Calvary Chapel
T.D. Jakes, Potter’s House
Dave Stone, Southeast Christian Church
William L. Sheals, Hopewell Missionary Church
Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries
Joseph Prince, Joseph Prince Ministries
Lon Sobleman, McLean Bible Church
Paula White, Paula White Ministries
Robert Emmitt, Community Bible Church
John McArthur, Grace Community Church
Rudy Garcia, Iglesia Cristiana Church
Arthur Jackson III, Antioch Church
Ray Bentley, Maranatha Church
Frederick Franz, Jehovah’s Witnesses Church
Rosalie Rivenbank, The Way Ministry
Njongonkulu Ndungane, Anglican Church of South Africa
Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Zacharias International Ministries
Krill I of Moscow, Russian Orthodox Church
Neophyte, Patriarch of Bulgaria and Metropolitan of Sofia
Baseline Mar Thoma Paulie Ii, Indian Orthodox Church
Mae Gewargis, Assyrian Church of the Eastimage


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