Eye Of The Tiger


What are you receiving comes after, and yes after, the question what am I giving.

They say you have to be cruel to be kind. This is a true statement. However, the comprehensive  truth in it is very often not appreciated. For some reason human beings will come to an understanding of the need for kindness only through their own acts of unkindness. For we see the need
for others to be understanding of, and FOR us in our own dismay at having not valued another enough to have been considerate for them. We will come to a point of knowing we need forgiveness for having wronged another.

Mercy is unmerited favor. Unmerited forgiveness. Unmerited kindness.

They say there is kindness in truth, and I’ll say too that there is just as much truth in kindness.

Therefore, kindly dispense your truth. Mix every thought with the ingredient of kindness. Speak every word you speak only after having salted it with kindness. Seek to be kind in every deed you perform. For what you receive is determined by what you give.



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