Falling Off the Wall


Falling Off the Wall

I have had opportunity of late to; well let’s just say I am having new, very significant doors being presented to me.

Today I saw more clearly again. (Perhaps one of those times when you or I would most usually not visit this level, depth, room, and so on. I think you may understand.)

I found myself at a point where I began to lament selfishness and rabid brutality, and the ugliness in this that mankind displays.

I became angry at us!

I questioned how we could be so damn foolish that we still haven’t got this thing called living down. And then I flashed on the absolute despair at having to perceive, not only of US so desolate, but of THIS at all.

Then I became INDIGNANT! “No-one judge me. Not YOUR toys, not YOUR sh!t show.”

Then there came a purposed, and necessary poison that precisely  resurrected understanding in an absolutely devastating, and despairing discourse.

Then I became humble.

Then I knew mercy.

Then I judged not.

Nancy Evelyn Pais
(All rights reserved)


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