Israel, Iran, and Romans 12:19


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I am going to be posting here a couple of letters. The first letter is entitled “Israel, Iran and Romans 12:19. I had written this letter to President Barack O’Bama in 2012. I posted it on his “contact me page” on the White House site at least twice. I also posted another letter to him entitled “I Am Chagrined” regarding his stand against Israel. That letter I will post at the end here.

I subsequently sent a  portion of the first letter which I had initially sent to the President to Prime Minister Netanyahu, both privately and on his Facebook page. The portion I sent to him began where Israel is being addressed specifically.

I am doing this, as many of you might suppose, because of the disastrous agreement with Iran that has been finalized this day.

I perceive that many will agree and many will disagree. Emotions will be stirred. Both from those in America and those in Israel. However, I implore you all to carefully weigh and consider what is being said here. Do not let emotion cloud your thinking, and really think. It will require those of a disciplined mind to see in totality both the dire consequences of this ill advised agreement, as well as a need for acceptance.

My beloved brothers and sisters of Israel, you especially I constrain to weigh and consider the overall message of that which is offered for you. Please do not pick and choose but consider in totality, and pray to our Father for guidance in understanding what is being said here.  My Lord tells me, “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people.” I have been speaking out on every available occasion on your behalf and in your defense; admonishing those who twist the truth of your understandable response to terrorism to fit their own agenda; up to and including my President here in America. Also, I have been constraining those I know in other circles to pray for you and take whatever action on your behalf that sets well with them. Please know that I stand for you and beside you.

Having said the above I will now post the first letter I wrote to President Barack O’bama in 2012. As follows:

President Barack Obama;

On occasion there will be matters that are impressed on my heart. I find more often than not that, when I pay attention to these impressions, good fruit is wrought.

For the past twenty-four hours or so I have it being impressed on my heart to forward this letter I have written, to you. I have also contacted Benjamin Netanyahu and made him aware of this article.

I believe that if you do read this letter blessings will increase. I hope that you do have the opportunity to at least read and ponder.

As follows:

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Romans 12:19


Tensions in the Middle East are heightening at an alarming rate. Benjamin Netanyahu has been unfailingly sounding the alarm about Iran and the danger of her being a nuclear power. (At this point the alarm has been sounding for so long and so fearfully, I am concerned it will be viewed as ‘the boy who cried wolf’. That would be a dangerous position to take. We must not be made weary in our vigilance.)

Iran has made it known and fully intends to follow through on its threat to annihilate Israel and America.

Two of the strongest stanchions of Democracy and freedom, in this world, are being openly threatened by a madman. By extension then, this madman is threatening the peace and stability of the world. This madman is no ordinary madman. This madman exists in Iran. (This can be rightly construed as to include the religious hierarchy as well as political hierarchy there.)

  1. This madman sees himself as a great prophet.
  2. This madman loves his own shadow as well as his own perceived place and significance in history.
  3. This madman believes that it is he who will help bring to power the anti-Christ.
  4. This madman believes in the great jihad to destroy all the infidels who are opposed to his version of Islam and Allah.
  5. This madman has shown his proficiency to murder and threatens to murder again.
  6. This madman is a man filled with hatred and he is a man of war.
  7. This madman is a man of maniacal beliefs with the military means to carry out his threats.
  8. This madman is a false prophet and is a good example of biblical warnings of the danger regarding such men.

All these points combined make this madman very dangerous.

I don’t know what sorts of divination go along with this man’s particular brand of megalomania-cal beliefs, but I do know he is listening to strange spirits. I know this because he claims to be following G-d’s directives. I know that G-d is Spirit. I know that G-d is Love. I know that Love does not threaten and does not subjugate in any way, nor does it bring the spirit of fear.

Therefore this madman (Nation); a fear filled man who liberally dispenses fear; a man who is hurrying after war; a man who has no sense of what love for his fellow man is; a man who threatens subjugation and death; a man who has wrought subjugation and death; a marionette of a man following the false teachings of the voices in his head; is a man listening to strange spirits. He may very well be possessed. He is a portrait in evil.

Israel; “G-d remembers His covenant forever, the word which He commanded to a thousand generations; The covenant which He made with Abraham, and His oath unto Isaac and confirmed with Jacob for a statute, to Israel for an everlasting covenant.” PSALM (105:8-10)

Now, Israel is a Country that is constantly bombarded from extremist factions and Governments. Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and a plethora of others one could name. A week does not go by without a bomb falling on Israel somewhere. I can feel the palpable fear coming from her today. (I continually keep her in my prayers for peace and Divine protection against her enemies.)

Israel is under the constant onslaught of irrational philosophies, beliefs and behaviors that come from many who are following false prophets, spirits, and gods. (And I am not just speaking of the Middle East which is rife, but also of some in the Western world.)

In a way Israel seems to be suffering a similar fate as that of the Cyclops. The Cyclops was a solitary figure who was doomed to know the day of his death each day of his life. Similarly, Israel is becoming increasingly ostracized and seems to be doomed to know the reality of her potential demise each day of her life. What fear this must engender! What defiance it must establish for the sake of survival! Israel is a Nation in shock. Her right to exist is at stake and is challenged continually and forcefully. She is suffering plainly and her fear is permeated throughout.

She feels isolated in her strife and she has reason to. Increasingly painted as the aggressor, she finds moral support waning. Faced with today’s more popular philosophies, she finds even historically faithful allies abandoning her. Faced with seemingly more political expedient views from the World body, she finds her strategy faltering.

She is lashing out with threats of war and that is a Country being driven by fear and not by the secure knowledge of G-d’s promised protection and presence. However understandable the reason for the fear, we know that “fear and moth doth corrupt.” Israel is currently a portrait in fear.


Now, G-d is Spirit and G-d is Love. Love is patient, love is kind. It is gentle and compassionate in all its considerations. Love hopes all. Love is just. Love trusts all. Love is merciful. Love is gracious in speech and action. Love forbears all. Love judges no one. Love does not prate and is not vain. Love seeks peace. Those who are to Love must Love in spirit and in truth. Those who have not the Son, have not the Father. Go to Jesus the Messiah, the only begotten Son of G-d. He was made flesh and, being made man and experiencing our experience, is able to be our mediator in Love with G-d. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through the Son. No one goes to the Son except G-d brings him. “Behold, I stand at the door knocking.”

For our part, we are exhorted to acknowledge G-d and, acknowledge Him in all our ways. Then it will be He who will make straight our paths through this world and to Jesus. We are exhorted to Love and that is all. (See description above.)

Once Love has manifested Himself in your life, it is then where you have been shown what is good. His Spirit witnesses with the spirit within you. And you awaken to, and you recognize, and you know, and you testify to the truth you now find within yourself. A silent proclamation has been made. Love recognizes Love and the fountain of it. Therein you find your own salvation as you recognize and acknowledge goodness and its genesis.

G-d, in His goodness, claims the right to vengeance. Vengeance means; to set that which is wrong, right. Romans 12:19 says, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”  This is not a mere request from God. It is a very clear instruction and directive.

Since G-d is the only righteous judge then He is the only one who can justifiably claim vengeance. He is the only one who knows how to, and can, and will set those things that are wrong, right. This includes whatever is going wrong with Iran and the ilk. G-d is the only one with the sovereign right to vengeance.

By threatening war, Israel is threatening to kill her fellow man. This goes directly against G-d’s commandment that we shall not kill. Israel has been tricked into believing that she must be the one to set those things that are wrong, right.

She has been blinded from remembering what G-d has spoken to her and she has been made deaf from hearing what He continues to speak to her. Consistent hostile bombardment has led to a fear that has damaged the shield of her faith. This is what we are fighting. Here is fault that needs repair. Israel listen; We are commanded not to kill. This is found in both the Torah and the New Testament. Do not be tricked into taking the matter into your own hands. “VENGEANCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD! I WILL REPAY!”

And finally brethren, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are good, think on these things. G-d is pure and G-d is good. G-d is Love. Think on Love. Love G-d and Love your neighbor. All the law and prophets hang on these two things.

Consider what I have reminded you of G-d’s Promises and Love and consider your response to Iran. I submit that as long as you are gripped by corrupting fear then you will be led to despise and doubt rather than to love and believe. You doubt G-d’s promises therefore you prepare for war. This is where the fault that needs repair lays.

Being tricked by the adversary into this trap you will not be availed of the calm seas that will lead to the largest and best revelations for you from G-d. Israel is being spiritually raped while her focus remains on what she sees with her five senses; rather than on what G-d has said and is saying in that still quiet voice that witnesses from within.

The question is, can Israel find the strength to let go and let G-d? Can she once again become as Abraham where; when he believed it was accounted to him as righteousness. G-d defends the righteous.

Israel, G-d fights for you. Why do you not believe and remember His promises and His commandments? Thou shalt not kill. Do not seek to do so. (Defend yourselves yes.) Follow Abraham’s example. Consider Sarah and her infertile womb.  Consider Pharaoh and the Passover. Consider the perfect Love of G-d. The perfect Love that comes from G-d casts out fear. You must listen and understand and do not remain unawares of the spiritual wiles of the adversary being used against you. You are engulfed in a spiritual war. And this you very well know.

Ask G-d to show you His victory. Let go and let G-d. Get out of His way! You are in danger if you persist in kicking up against the prick. By threatening to take action against Iran you have taken G-d’s right to act away from Him. He will not force you against your will. What is your will at this moment? Open your eyes to the spiritual reality here. You must take responsibility once again to show that you believe our Heavenly Father. Give Him back His authority to act on your behalf.

“I will go and return to My place, till they acknowledge their offence and seek My face: in their affliction they will seek Me early.” Hosea 5:15

Israel, my dear heart, if you have offended then it is that you have been led to believe that G-d will not follow through on His promises to you. You have been tricked into doubt. Turn back and remember Him once again and believe. Consider and contemplate His promises of Divine protection and guidance. Remember David and Goliath. Remember the walls of Jericho. Remember Daniel in the lion’s den. Remember G-d’s Love for those who obey his commands.

G-d has promised never to desert you. G-d has not changed and G-d is faithful. Believe Him once again. Turn back, Oh Israel, your face once again to seek G-d. G-d, at this moment, should be your ONLY thought.

Do not look at what the adversary has orchestrated to get you to take your focus off of G-d’s faithfulness. Did not G-d Himself tell you to ask Him and HE WILL prove it to you? America cannot. Neither can Rome nor any other but G-d. Where have you to look but to G-d for your salvation?

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!” Isaiah 52:7

Pray for peace. Act for peace. Follow peace. Prepare for peace.

Israel, G-d reigns and His reign is unto salvation. He reigns through Love itself. Israel, G-d reigns and G-d remains. May His peace, guidance and continued protection be with you as you follow after His will.

Shalom and Love,

Nancy Evelyn Pais


After having sent this first letter to the President I gave time to pass to see what further actions he would take. Would he listen to me as well as the many others who have been advising him to change his stand on Israel. Sadly, no. Therefore I wrote him a second letter. I did not date it on my copy, but I believe it was within about a year or so of the first. As follows:

Open Letter and For President Barack O’Bama:

I am chagrined that the President has, once again, decided to publicly distance himself from Israel.

He knows full well that a meeting would lend legitimacy to the Israeli stance and he does not want to be ‘complicit’. His line about his schedule being too full is a thinly veiled testament to this.

Mr. President, I often find myself in agreement with your politics however, on this occasion I believe you are being too narrow minded and short sighted. You are allowing today’s more popular philosophies and politically expedient stances to have a place not deserved. I do not know where this line of thinking and action will lead but, I am concerned it will lead to the further decline of America on the world stage.

I do not agree with Israel threatening war as I know it is against biblical principle to kill. By threatening war, they are threatening to kill. By taking action themselves they are relegating G-d to the inactive ranks. They have historically been a Nation on a pendulum in their relationship with G-d. It seems that only when they have nowhere else to turn will they turn to G-d. Maybe they have been putting too much stock in America as their savior. Interesting to ponder.

Israel has a right to exist and she has a right to exist in peace. She needs to remember the promises afforded her by G-d and once again believe that He is the one who is faithful and able to help her. By preparing for war she shows her doubt in the promises made and G-d’s determination. A folly I hope she soon gets over. Historically, when Israel has found herself apart from G-d and His protection it is because it is she who has abandoned Him. Conversely, when she returns to Him then He is able to bless her again. Just as G-d has never truly abandoned her, we should not abandon Israel either.

I would contend that continuing to stand by Israel, however counter intuitive to you it may be, is the better path to follow. How you do that while at the same time not killing is a matter you must figure out. Indeed, we both know full well that there are many ways to support her short of going against principle. You have certainly not exhausted all your options here and I encourage you to re-evaluate so as to find and implement those support structures on behalf of Israel.

Our unity with our brothers and sisters of Israel is more important than our political differences. It would take a blind man not to see the importance of our mutually beneficial relationship.


And today (07/14/2015):

Israel has the right to exist and exist in peace. She has bent over backward to accommodate demands from her enemies only to be re-buffed at every turn. She has gone far beyond the pale to find peace and many others would not have done half as much as her. Israel continues to seek peace with each day that dawns and it is only because of the implacable hatred, defiance, lies, and blindness of those she must deal with why peace has not yet been attained.We must stand with her and against any and all who seek to “wipe her off the map” or diminish her sovereignty in any way.

“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people.” 

Nancy Evelyn Pais

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