Israel, Iran, and Romans 12:19


All Jehovah

crown of righteousness gold

I am going to be posting here a couple of letters. The first letter is entitled “Israel, Iran and Romans 12:19. I had written this letter to President Barack O’Bama in 2012. I posted it on his “contact me page” on the White House site at least twice. I also posted another letter to him entitled “I Am Chagrined” regarding his stand against Israel. That letter I will post at the end here.

I subsequently sent a  portion of the first letter which I had initially sent to the President to Prime Minister Netanyahu, both privately and on his Facebook page. The portion I sent to him began where Israel is being addressed specifically.

I am doing this, as many of you might suppose, because of the disastrous agreement with Iran that has been finalized this day.

I perceive that many will agree and many will disagree. Emotions will be…

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