When Mean, Scared, Scary People Have Stolen My Jesus


Thank you sir for saying exactly the truth about fear in religious thinking and teaching today. Spot on.

john pavlovitz


Some days I feel like filing a Missing Persons Report for Jesus.

I survey the media landscape of what so many identify as representing Christianity in my country and it feels like he has all but vanished.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the line my faith tradition got hijacked.

I suppose it was a half a century or so ago as the Evangelical Church and American Politics started an ill-advised courtship, and the public face of the people of Jesus in the U.S. gradually became a bunch of angry, middle-aged, upper middle class, largely white, largely male folks with entitlement issues and persecution complexes.

You know the ones. They’re everywhere. They have billion dollar media empires and multi-pronged ministry machines and millions of devoted followers. Regularly they broker in a familiar brand of righteous bitterness, always publicly wringing their hands and beating their breasts, as they remind the watching world that once again the sky is indeed…

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