Conundrom crying out from the desert - Copy (2)


Keep the peace

Go to war

Don’t fight

Win the battle

Stay silent

Let your voice be heard

Hope against annihilation

Slowly die from birth

Be part of the team

Stand on your own

Look at the beauty

Experience the pain

Seek the answers

Find the questions

Pull yourself up

Get a pillow for your ass

Be free

Feel the shackles

Remain strong

Be brought to your knees

Care for others

Don’t expect anything

Endure the eternity

In the blink of an eye

Hope in the unseen

Nothing is hidden

Be selfless

Take care of yourself

Always move forward

Take two steps back

Stay close at hand

Keep your distance

Speak your mind

Always listen

Look for the good in everyone

See the splinters in your eye

You are born to live

You are destined to die

Enjoy the wonders

Experience the tragedy

Ask for Love

Suffer the silence

Yearn the heights

Know the depths

Be comforted within an embrace

Persevere in the isolation

Lead the way

Follow the way

Forgive everyone

Do not transgress yourself

Pursue the light

Condone the darkness

Know Life

Understand death

Father says

Father says


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