Pope Francis, Abbas and the all elusive Peace


Just read an article about today’s meeting between Pope Francis and Abbas.

First, all fall short of the Glory of G-d. Second, seeking peace is noble. Third, we still do not understand how to attain peace (Or more succinctly; recognize that we already have peace with G-d and that not because of ourselves but because of the already accomplished work of Emmanuel, the Christ.) and that is because we believe, still, in our own prowess (we must perform in one way or another and then there will be peace). Not true. Whether or not we understand this, it remains.

Khomeini recently said he would try and protect (save) the oppressed. Another in a line of many who truly do desire peace and salvation from evil. However, as long as we see ourselves as our own own saviors, nothing will change. “Man rules man to his own detriment.” This has been proven to anyone with one brain cell functioning. The Pope cannot save, Abbas cannot save, Khomeini cannot save, O’bama cannot save, Putin cannot save, etc, etc, etc…..infinitude. Will we ever learn?

Prophecy will be fulfilled despite our best efforts to repudiate it. The Word of Jehovah stands and without apology.

We, on the other hand, may have much to apologize for; on the one hand claiming to seek peace while with the other hand indiscriminately murdering our brothers and sisters. No matter who they are, wherever they are, whatever name G-d has revealed Himself to them as, if it does not suit us then it’s “off with their heads”.

You can keep your definition of peace. I choose Emmanuel for it is He and He alone that is Savior and He and He alone who is mediator between our Father Jehovah and us. We are indeed made “peculiar”, even unto ourselves. That may be a saving grace.

It is of note that as we seek peace we can do nothing but make war. As we plead for mercy we wield mercilessly against our neighbor. As we say we know justice, we blindly follow injustice. As we claim Love we display hatred.

Who are you, whoever you are, to deny truth? And with what, your pretty pedanticisms that serve only your own conceit and self justifications. You, whoever you are, are no better than I and am I no better than you.

May the Lord of all Love come quickly for surely there is an egregious absence of Love here now!

wpid-wp-1431614079899.jpegwpid-wp-1431787710230.jpegGrace to Grace


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