I originally taught this on March 12th. Being that today is the anniversary of Israel’s re-establishment as a Nation within the World Body it seem’s apropos to re-post. Not posted to bring fear, but understanding and blessing.


What was prophesied to us regarding what to watch for that would signify the beginning of the end of days has already happened. It happened in 1948 with the re-establishment of Israel as a recognized Nation within the World Body. She had waited for over 2000 years to regain her status.

One thing that it signifies for the Jewish people is a significant step toward rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem. Make no mistake, it has been ordained and it will happen. We need not worry about it or doubt that it will finally ever happen. It has been established and it will be. Immutable.

Our Father wants us to be knowledgeable and we are to know and understand that certain things must happen first. Our Father is orderly and succinct and has succinctly made known to us the order in which things must happen before the Temple is re-built; allowing then for the revelation of the abominable desolation to come where the anti-Christ will be revealed.

One of the things it signifies for the Christian people is the beginning of Christ’s preciously longed for return. We are to know and understand that Christ is, right now, preparing Himself for that day.

Over time, God reveals His mysteries to us when it is time. And that time is the time that He ordains to be the time; right down to the day, hour, moment, and second. The one time not revealed in specificity is the actual day of Christ’s return. No one knows; and if he thinks he does then one needs to reconsider the matter. Do not follow false teachers and teachings that insist they know through some formula or other etc. We know that Father has said that He has reserved the right to keep that mystery/secret to Himself until the actual event itself.

Similarly we know that no one can predict exactly who the anti-Christ is. God has, however, made us aware of what to look for and when the time is to be looking for it. No-one will know exactly who he is until after the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. This sets the stage for the abomination of desolations where the anti-Christ will reveal himself by usurping the throne within the Temple and proclaiming himself to be God.

Another consideration for the Christian is what is known as the Rapture. The time when Christ will return to gather the Church to Himself; where-after we will be wherever He is eternally. This is not the same thing as what is known as Christ’s Second Return. These are two separate events. I will describe a bit more on His 2nd coming later in this sharing.

There is much debate about Pre-Tribulation Rapture and Post-Tribulation Rapture and even Rapture in the middle of the Tribulation period. For myself; through the Lord’s guidance and after many years of study I have come to believe that Christ’s return to gather His people to Himself will happen before the anti-Christ is revealed and before the Tribulation events and Ezekiel’s battle.

Why do I say this? Well I know that the revealing of the anti-Christ cannot happen until all hindrances currently preventing his egregious claim to the throne are removed. What is currently hindering this? Christ via His church. We are His Church. We, the body of Christ and with His authority and through His will, are preventing the establishment of the anti-Christ’s brief reign of terror which begins directly after his performing the abomination as described above. Understand that he will be in power before this day but, before he sits on the throne in Jerusalem, no-one will know him as the anti-Christ specifically.

Now we know that when something is hindering the establishment of something else, that thing which is a hindrance must first be removed in order for the establishment of what it opposes. Following that logic then it must be that we, as the hindrance, need to not be here in order for the anti-Christ to make his move for the throne whereby then he will be revealed through his own ill advised action.

Therefore, I look for Christ’s coming to gather us together with Him for all eternity, to be before the Tribulation. Indeed, even before the anti-Christ is exposed worldwide.

Christ’s Second Coming, and for battle this time, will not be until the entire world is embroiled in war and is at the precipice of total annihilation. This will be only after the aforementioned events have transpired in Jerusalem. It is only at a time after this that Christ, along with us and the Angel’s will return to bind the enemy and Christ will establish His reign on earth.

There is more to come even after these things; but that will be for another teaching.

Be blessed.

-Nancy Evelyn Pais

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