I just read the following and damn near jumped out of my skin. This is exactly what we have been pointing out regarding the error of one’s disregard for ones own self. Meet me on the other side of this please.

“President Obama will not meet in person with Prime Minister Netanyahu to hear his ‘complaining’ until a final nuclear agreement with Iran is reached.

President Barack Obama told American Jewish leaders that he will not meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until after the June 30 deadline for a final nuclear agreement with Iran.

obama and iranObama told the delegation visiting the White House that he continues to be in contact with Netanyahu by telephone, according to a report by the New York Times. However, he will not meet with him face-to-face until the Iranian nuclear negotiations are concluded. Anonymous sources familiar with the meeting indicated said that Obama believes that such a meeting would result in Netanyahu complaining publicly about US policy in the region.

The purpose of the White House meeting was to reassure the American-Jewish community regarding the US commitment to Israel. Relations between the two heads of state have been soured by Netanyahu’s publicly-expressed concerns regarding the nuclear negotiations with Iran, namely that the framework agreement leaves much of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure intact, and that the breakout time to a nuclear weapon will be practically zero by the time the deal expires.”

barack, your ignominious disregard of others is borne out of your own disregard for yourself.

I can hear many now as we explain this to you. “Netanyahu refused to meet with jimmy old BOY! She’s a barack detractor, she only points out when he is in error.”

First, Benjamin was correct in his denial of jimmy old BOY. He purported and reported with regard to every concern in this matter. You, barack, did not.

When Benjamin, in maturity, denied jimmy old BOY he made it quite clear as to why. Jimmy old BOY seems to have a persistent habit of planting his seeds of anti-sematisym.(sp?) Benjamin is right in his rebuke as he is charged to holding fast that which has been given him to hold. And what is that? “Defend MY children! Defend Israel!” Benjamin does so with integrity.

When you denied Israel, what was it you said? You didn’t want to hear his “complaining”. Well dear, you complain well on your own behalf in your minimizing of another’s regard.

You still play around with the harlot barack.

anathema'sface Barack O'bma

ULTRA_CONUNDRUM Harmonizing in THE Hollow Nancy a


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