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This may surprise you to hear it from me but Hillary is correct in this regard.

(We know what when we look for and at the good in something?)

Now, obviously I do not support abortion. However, lets take a closer look at this puppy. See you on the other side.

{{Hillary On Abortion: “Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs” Must Be Changed

Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 10:25am

The Daily Caller reports, “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist {{First, why is this portrayed as only a feminist tone??}} tone on Thursday. She told attendees at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit that ‘deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed’ for the sake of giving ‘access’ to women for ‘reproductive healthcare and safe childbirth.” {{There is nothing untrue in this statement.}}

“Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper,” Clinton said.

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political {{To stringent a parameter.}} will.” {{To stringent a parameter.}}.

Political will, huh?

ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell wrote at The Hill in February to address whether Congress should pass a 20-week abortion ban. {{No Congress should not support any kind of ban.}} Bozell noted that “A recentQuinnipiac Poll showed 60 percent of Americans, including 59 percent of women, support a five-month abortion ban. This also included almost half of all Democrats and 56 percent of independents.”

“The American people are way ahead of Washington on this issue,” Bozell emphasized.

We won’t hold our breaths to see if Hillary Clinton pays any attention to the will of the majority. Americans who want to see 20-week-old unborn children protected.

Why do you ask Hillary that which you have not yet answered for and to yourselves. A small man makes his requests of others, a gentleman makes requests of himself.

Just to be clear, I AM ABSOLUTELY AGAINST ABORTION!! However, if we insist in a matter then we must also provide THE WAY for compliance in that matter. 

We are all seeking the way of compliance in matters. All matters matter. But do you see what has happened as outlined by this example?

In our fervor, it is easy to forget the primal foundational tenets. Here are a few:

We are not our own, however we are ourselves.

Not one single thing is of insignificance.

Know to discern your own feeling in any matter and follow to your motivational genesis. First, recognize that you feel. Why, in whatever circumstance you are in, do you feel the way you feel? Generally we seem to only recognize feelings in there extremes. Ecstasy, rage for example. What is the first thought that comes to your mind? Is it a face, a name, a place, etc? Once you recognize that then continue in the same manner and you will find what it is you are searching for AND how to get it!!

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Holy Russia!


This is excellent and quite enjoyable.

Standing Ovation, Seated

Holy Rus, God-blessed land, God-chosen nation. In Moscow, you hear it more and more often now. The words are said in a solemn voice, with a distant look in the eyes as if they would be scanning the future and actually seeing Holy Russia. A contemplative pause usually follows. Even the most ardent supporters of the Holy Russia idea avoid using the phrase when crossing a road: otherwise, an accident is almost guaranteed.

If you steal the pondering pause to ask them what Holy Russia really is, or what their glimpse in the future revealed about it, don’t expect a coherent answer. They don’t have a slightest idea.

Many Russian artists tried to resolve this predicament by offering a picture Holy Russia believers could use as a prop.

The task they set for themselves could best be described by a line from a famous Russian fairytale, when a wicked Czar…

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I just read the following and damn near jumped out of my skin. This is exactly what we have been pointing out regarding the error of one’s disregard for ones own self. Meet me on the other side of this please.

“President Obama will not meet in person with Prime Minister Netanyahu to hear his ‘complaining’ until a final nuclear agreement with Iran is reached.

President Barack Obama told American Jewish leaders that he will not meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until after the June 30 deadline for a final nuclear agreement with Iran.

obama and iranObama told the delegation visiting the White House that he continues to be in contact with Netanyahu by telephone, according to a report by the New York Times. However, he will not meet with him face-to-face until the Iranian nuclear negotiations are concluded. Anonymous sources familiar with the meeting indicated said that Obama believes that such a meeting would result in Netanyahu complaining publicly about US policy in the region.

The purpose of the White House meeting was to reassure the American-Jewish community regarding the US commitment to Israel. Relations between the two heads of state have been soured by Netanyahu’s publicly-expressed concerns regarding the nuclear negotiations with Iran, namely that the framework agreement leaves much of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure intact, and that the breakout time to a nuclear weapon will be practically zero by the time the deal expires.”

barack, your ignominious disregard of others is borne out of your own disregard for yourself.

I can hear many now as we explain this to you. “Netanyahu refused to meet with jimmy old BOY! She’s a barack detractor, she only points out when he is in error.”

First, Benjamin was correct in his denial of jimmy old BOY. He purported and reported with regard to every concern in this matter. You, barack, did not.

When Benjamin, in maturity, denied jimmy old BOY he made it quite clear as to why. Jimmy old BOY seems to have a persistent habit of planting his seeds of anti-sematisym.(sp?) Benjamin is right in his rebuke as he is charged to holding fast that which has been given him to hold. And what is that? “Defend MY children! Defend Israel!” Benjamin does so with integrity.

When you denied Israel, what was it you said? You didn’t want to hear his “complaining”. Well dear, you complain well on your own behalf in your minimizing of another’s regard.

You still play around with the harlot barack.

anathema'sface Barack O'bma

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