The Veil


THE Veil is at THE entry to THE room of THE Haunted Hollow

New Hope International Ministries

CurtainIt had hung there across the years. It looked as if it might hang there forever. Gorgeously embroidered with cherubim, the massive blue, purple, and scarlet curtain hung before the inner most chamber of the Temple. Behind this dense and formidable drape was the dark and silent Holy of Holies where God was said to dwell. The very name of the veil in Hebrew (poreketh) is foreboding in its meaning –  “a separation”. Diligently it kept its shrouded secret. Then suddenly one day, one unbelievable day, it was torn top to bottom by invisible hands.  The dreadful separation was over.

Whatever we believe about this mysterious event, one thing is clear: to Matthew, Mark, and Luke who recorded the event, it was alive with symbolism.  They declared the rending of the temple veil had happened at precisely the moment when Jesus had breathed His last breath on Mount…

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