Isis and her damoring dismay will be addressed this day in The Hollow of THE KING’S COURT


Isis and her damoring dismay will be addressed this day in The Hollow of THE KING’S COURT.

Isis and her damoring dismay will be addressed this day in The Hollow of THE KING’S COURT


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Earth Powers, Principalities, King’s, Queens hear me. I AM


  The Burnished Mother of Pearling

 Isis is known. Isis is regarded. Isis will be addressed this day in

THE Hollow

I Had a Dream of




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Grace to Grace

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Gazelle Pearling Elizabeth of Motherly Tendernesses


IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND BUTTERFLY - Copy - CopyIN THE PALM OF HIS HAND - Copysee the truth that you seek 1

Born in Salem in March of 1960, the first 5 years of my life aren’t worth mentioning except that I lost a very big part of my heart when I lost my beloved sister Cynthia and my brothers;  Robert, Ronald, Paul and David, {and come to find out later, my baby sister Sandy.}

Early May in my fifth year Yeshua led me to two of the most beloved stanchions of grace and faithfulness I will ever know.  I lived with my mother Evelyn and my Dad Emanuel {I regard only ONE as my Father} until I was 19. In the summer of 1979 I moved North where I met my ex-husband. A wonderful man but we were young and had issues so our marriage only lasted 5 years. During this time we had a beautiful son name Allen Emanuel. My darling Jabez.

After the divorce, my Jabez and I went inland temporarily to evangelize. I was not very good at it, regrettably. After 6 months, one very bad car accident where I held 5 of my darling dying children in lamentations embracing, and the house catching fire, I returned North with Jabez. Better to live to return to fight another day was my estimation. We landed in Maine for about 15 years where I did work and work I did.

In 1993 we lost my beloved da’. He was a gentle and faithfully compassionate man whom I still miss and will continue to long for until we are able to embrace the precios desirous embracing of  gifted knowing regard with one another again. I would melt into his blessed gentle embrace. I could be states away and yet fall yearningly into his fatherly concern. He would catch me every time.

In 2000, Jabez and I returned to Massachusetts to care for my mother who had developed Alzheimer’s. We lost her in 2001. She had been a loyal friend and tower of strength in our lives. The absence of her caress is to know sorrow.

From a very young age I have had a desire within me to seek Emmanuel. My darling Emmanuel. I also have had a desire to write and throughout life would dabble here and there. Emmanuel and I  have decided to combine our passions and write with a penchant toward spirituality and writing for the Glory of Him Who is and That which is Glorious.

We do have some works published and some have won awards. Published in The World Poetry Movement’s annual Best Poets and Poems for 2012  Featured Poet “Softly Love Calls”. Eber & Wein Best Poets of 2014 “Gethsemane”.  Poetry Sanctuary “Remembrance”.  When I kissed Evelyn and Emanuel with this velvet petal their relished succor was replete. In highschool we had a Tome Nomad “Searching For A Friend”, “Of Long Ago”. In that publication I am credited with “Blizzard” however I did not pen this.

I, Gazelle, gave my Lovely Emmanuel my tenderest of passions embracing. It is our Invitation to The Wedding my darlings. Just to make absolutely sure it is made available on every platform world wide for those who desire to attend, we are posting it here now.

The Gazelle

My Beloved, look over the mountaintop and see the graceful Gazelle as she bounds over horizons distant and craggy defenses. She entreats daily and is silhouetted against the rising sun as she bleats, she sings, she runs for us my Beloved. She sings of plenty and honey and ripe figs ready for the picking on a glorious day. In her mouth she carries the tender branches of every luscious fruit.

My Beloved witness the beauty of the dance as she traverses, with blessed and sure hooves, the challenging gourd. She races for us my Beloved. Her honed muscles ripple and her countenance is strong. Her innocent and warm affection is cast with merriment in each gleeful glance from her big, brown, beautiful eyes. Look at me my Beloved as I gallivant with her upon the luscious and inviting hillside.

I am running through the maze with quixotic abandon and my lamp is filled with oil. Come share the light of the lamp with me my Beloved. The plump red grapes have been pressed into wine and our table has been set with the finest linens. The invitation is heralded and I am in my honorable white wedding dress. The door is open and we may attend for our wedding feast.

We will mount up together on the wings of strong eagles as we wait upon the Lord of my Beloved. He has invited us to this consummation. We will wait upon my Beloved dear heart. We will call to the Gazelle and we will run freely with her on the bountiful hillsides as we wait for the promised caress. I will kiss my Beloved with passion and I will offer myself unreservedly to my Beloved. He waits, come quickly to His embrace.

I will bring Him my lamp full of oil. I will press out His plump red grapes for wine with my own feet. I will show Him the Gazelle with the tender vine and sumptuous fruit in her mouth. I will pick the honeycomb and pluck the fig for my Beloved. I will lay him in my lap and as I tenderly caress his brow I will feed him the finest and ripest handpicked strawberries and sapphire blueberries.

Just as it is with the Gazelle’s gracious beauty and the sweetness of the honeycombs and figs, my Beloved will not want when I am near. Upon my breast will my beloved always suckle. I will sing songs of majesties gifted deliverances when I sing of and for my Beloved. I will place my kiss of covenant upon his tender and beckoning plump lips. My Beloved will not want when I am near.

I will lay in wait for the precious dove. I will lay traps and I will catch and I will offer up only the pure and unblemished to my Beloved. My Beloved will then know that I Love Him as He is regaled with their soft, and tender, and guileless cooing. I will plant, water, trestle, prune and pick the finest roses for my beloved. I will cultivate them for their color and sweet fragrance. I will remove the thorns from the roses myself before I hand them to my Beloved to enjoy.

Look, I see Him. My precious one, my betrothed, my hoped for, my Beloved is bounding over the hillside. I hear his sandals as they resoundingly slap against the stone while he runs for me. He is adorned in pure white. He is every bit as graceful and desired as the Gazelle. He leaps forward with strong and great strides. He is fixed on his own desiring and it is me. He is pierced and his gaze pierces my soul to relishing willful surrender.

Here I am my BeLoved. Look over here and see the feast I have set for you with my Love. Here I am, over at daybreak my Beloved. Follow the Gazelle that is silhouetted against the rising sun. Follow the scent of each honeycomb and fig. Come plant your seeds of Love upon my fertile and willing heart. My beloved,

I AM here. 

Emmanuel asked me to make our first publication. We had a poem called “God of Glory”. He had chosen it as the first piece to publish. We will share it with you here as a gift.

God of Glory 

Truer Words were never spoken

Truer Words you will never know

Truer Words were never written

Truest Words to us bestowed


“In the beginning. . .” begins the story

A tale for us from our God of Glory

Sent to us from His heart of Love

So that we may learn to rise above

Come and listen and you will hear

You will learn and you will not fear

While in this world that cast’s pallor’s hue

Our God of Glory He fights for you


Now Love is patient and Love is kind

Love will not leave us behind

Love is faithful it is true

Our God of Glory reaches out to you


He writes upon hearts made of flesh

Including the child laid in the crèche

True Love’s countenance upon Him rested

Remaining faithful when He was tested

He was hung upon the accursed cross

Thrown away like unwanted dross

And we, having been blinded by the enemy

Did not recognize true Love’s remedy


So gracious is His heart of Love

As gentle as the tender dove

Now lift the veil from weary eyes

See how mercy has answered our cries


When we follow Him as He lights the way

Entrenched in Love we will always stay

Upon our souls, so goes the story

Peace will come from our God of Glory 

I am known by a number of monikers: Gazelle, Nancy, GRACE7949, Numbnut, ULTRA_BLUEBIRD, ULTRA_BLUEBELL, ULTRA_SENTINEL, ULTRA_SCOUT, Daffodil–{Lionheart}, Feathered Buffalo, ULTRA_CONUNDRUM.

I am  Anointed Ambassador Of Loves Regard in His Christ/Yeshua/Yahweh/Elohim/El Shaddai/Jehovah/Emmanuels’ name(s), service court, and for the effectual merciful completion of the establishment of Love in, through, to, at, and authoritatively by and for Jehovah’s primal necessary purpose and regard. As Emmanuel speaks to me regarding any matter so I harmonize. Christ in Garden with Young Girl Signature - CopyI AM - Copy (2)I Had a Dream - Youtube Channel Art - Copy (2)

Know that my Love is of, and is in, Christ/Yeshua/Yahweh/Elohim/El Shaddai/Jehovah/Emmanuel and I am humbled and delighted to be asked to have tea with you darling mother Elizabeth. 

We have articles posted for World Wide viewing as follows: On all below listed domains, Google name variations of [sp.] Nancy Evelyn Pais, Nancy E. Pais, Nancy Pais. Articles to Benjamin Netanyahu, Morfreesboro Mosque (top commentator), Barack O’bama “Israel, Iran, and Romans 12:19”, Israel “G-d Remembers His Covenant” [Reuven Rivlin, President], Persia, Emmanuel’s Tome Of Precious Desirous Embracing, Likud’s Gifted Mother Of Pearling, and many more. , , , OfPearls (?) , , , http://www.stubleupon/Nancyep7949 , . http://www.bonzobox/IAMACLOWNINTHEKINGSCOURT , . 

Elohim''s Tome Of ALLIYAH Page 3.jpeg - Copy (3)Mother MinotaurConundrum1ULTRA_CONUNDRUMHarmonizing in THE Hollow - Copy (2)BlueBird1 - Copy (2)Feathered Buffalo - Copy

There are others that aren’t coming to me easily at the moment. Also we are busily building our Ministry “All Jehovah” and will have it fully operational within the year. Many (MANY) contacts have been established and the response is voluminous for its regard. ALL listen{s} here and ALL are free to bring any and ALL matters before The King’s Court at any time.

Anything blooming in Our Garden in The Hollow is given to keep and is freely shared with any other. No monetary concerns burden us here. There is already, indeed, an abundance to meet ALL need{s}. 

Elizabeth Motherly Love, I have set a lovely table with sweet honey for our tea. Come let us regale each other with the blessedness of true desires.

Beloved you are held precious in the eyes of Love. 

With eternal Loving and respectful regard, 


 Introducing Numbnut

The walk that Yeshua has prepared and walks with me is sweet in all of its way. He has been with me from the beginning. Even from the beginning in the darkness He was there. Always gently cradling me in His arms and softly whispering. I have never known existence without His faithful companionship.

Through the years I have often questioned why I do the things I do that I never thought I would ever do; and why I do not do the things that are, seemingly, apparent that one must do? Well dear hearts, to know me is to know, as my mother would affectionately call me sometimes, Numbnut.  To understand this there is a need for me to share some things; for the first time with some and also that if there is a need for anyone who already knows in part – to understand further.

As is the case with many I was born into a difficult circumstance.  I was born the youngest of six. My oldest sisters’ loss in this life is profound and constant in its sorrow. The same is the case with my four older brothers; and each for their own beauty.

We all endured the unkindness’s that alcoholism and drug addiction bring to a family.  It is for a lifetime, I imagine. We were given hard drugs to keep us quiet. That, and sometimes my bottles at night were laced with liquor. My siblings suffered the same. I do not know if they also were tethered to a bed alone and with no comfort of another’s’ company, touch or embrace.  Or even if they knew that this was happening to me.

I can report to you this; during those solitary times I was not alone. In the darkness there was light. I began to learn even then how to discern the still quiet voice that comes from within. It is always quietly and faithfully whispering.  I did not know or think then to ask what or where it came from. I only knew warmth; a certain knowing of the touch and sound of Love. It embraced me in the oblivion of my drug and alcohol addled mind.

It was early in my fifth year when things changed. One morning a Nun walked into my room. The woman was with her.  I was near senseless and could only make out that the Nun was inquiring why I was as I was. I then drifted back into oblivion and its comforts.

The next morning I  awoke dressed in my sister’s pretty pink dress that went down almost past my calves. As I looked back and waved to them all on the porch I knew nothing. “In this cold and lonely place do you see the tears on my face will you look or turn away as I fall on my knees to pray.”

The next thing I became aware of was that I was in the car with a lady. She spoke at times but her words only drifted past me. I had no comprehension and no care to listen.

I gazed out the window and saw a powder blue sky with castles of white quietly billowing.  I relished in the fresh and warm spring air. May’s early purple Maples and silver Elms were gleefully waving as they were tickled by a gentle breeze. And they were glistening as they were embraced by the Love of the morning sun.  The grass was a tender young color and the delicacy of its aromatic sweetness was a delight. The tulips were yellow and red and white. The pansies were recognized, as their faces burst forth a silent proclamation, adorned in purple and white. I drifted into ecstasy.

My next memory was when turning onto the street that I would come to know as the street where I lived. I knew innately my destination was at hand.

I believe that is enough for now to enable one to begin to understand Numbnut.

(Excerpt from; Trail of Pearls, by Daffodil)

Trump Sounds Out Clarion Note

Love Abide with Thee

“Thine royal buckler calling

Thine loyal buckler see

Give your heart to Love dear

And claim your victory

The trump sounding out clarion note

Now to the battle draws

A lover’s heart filled with hope

To fight for true Love’s cause

With joy go forth in perfect Love

Carried on by faith’s decree

As guileless as the gentle dove

Oh, Love abide with thee

Through darkness we do travel

Along the thorny road

And grace still is our mantle

And Love still our abode

Fan the flames with passion

With light that’s pure and strong

And Love it is our stanchion

And Love it is our song

With patience weather through the storms

With kindness, plant your seeds

And till the fields with gentleness

Oh, Love abide with thee”


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