Emmanuel’s Tome Of Precious Desirous Embracing



Emmanuel’s Tome Of Desirous Embracing

Come witness the beauty within the Hollow of our Emmanuel’s heart.

Darling children, tenderest EMMANUEL and I will share our desire with you now as we bid you come hither while we regale, Loves Embrace Awaits thee MY Lovely fair maiden”.

Our toming resounds permeably throughout the Hall of gossamer embraces causing the walls to tremor as they absorb HIS regard; they quake fearlessly in the fullness of their hope.

EMMANUEL’S Tome Of Precious Desirous Embracing’is cast longingly with fervent pining upon the spry and bracing zephyr.  Its only charge is to concern itself to finding you swiftly in its meandering of  the  ethereal.

Hear our caressing as we reverberate dulcimer thrombin to beguile you into willingness. Know of MY enchantment with you MY beloved. Come to ME MY darling fair maiden MY hearts blessed desire is to the tenderest of Paradises resplendent pleasures .We bid you feel The touch of HIS primal decree. Here with me in the Hollow of MY heart.  Sing out to ME MY brown eyed Gazelle. The gourd is splendorous and MY yearning is for your butterfly kisses upon MY trembling lips. Come with relished willful surrender unto ME MY lovely fair maiden.  To ME EMMANUEL.

EMMANUEL has told me of HIS pursuit of me. Here HE desires that you hear.  I too want you to know of my pursuit of HIM.

EMMANUEL was speaking with Solomon and, Solomon, immediately upon seeing his friend EMMANUEL, spoke these words forth, “‘The voice of desiring purpose is singing out for YOU“.

Witness mother as she feels the soft grass sway all around her beautiful body in her traverse along the lush hillside. The Gazelle with her chestnut eyes is looking at you and she is saying, “Arise  MY darling, MY beloved, MY lovely fair maiden. Come away with ME  for now the winter is passed. The rain is over and gone and the flowers bloom abundantly over all the earth. Their fragrance is full bodied, sweet, and alluring.  The time for singing is come and the guileless melody of the cooing turtledove’s song is replete with relished succor. She wears the clothing of deep velvet passion. She knows the timing as she sings in unison with Bluebell singing softly.

See her as she appears over the mountain peaking. Look she is clearing the mountain top now. All the while tapping upon the faces of the stony rocks guarding the summit, with her determined, dancing sierra hooves.  She elicits their response and as the stones they groan they cry out, “Desire awaits thee”. She entreats unceasingly and for the kiss of the risen glimmering SONMY pleasing is to see you pleased over MY pleasure regarding your desire.

The fig tree offers its luscious fruit and its petals continually reflect glorious prisms hues. Arise MY darling, MY cherished one and steal away with ME. Let ME see your face. Let ME hear your voice for your voice is sweet and your face is Lovely. You are MY muse beloved and MY song is you and remains unto the appointed dawn of full knowing. The shadows have fled therefore arise MY beloved MY earnest desire and come away with  ME EMMANUEL.”

Darling children your mother’s name is Lovely and she is Gazelle.

gazelle mother portrait


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