Pearly’s Daily Garden Toming


Beloved of ALL you are embraced with fervor by ALL.

Ark ofTHE Covenant6

  • The unanswered question is among the greatest gifts.
  • Be wise in the why of asking.
  • Know what you desire because that motivates you.
  • When one is not aware of one’s own thoughts then one is not aware of one’s own thinking.
  • Trace your feelings and thoughts to their motivational genesis.
  • A lack of ability to understand sagaciously one’s circumstance leads to failure.
  • Realize the benefit of circumspection.
  • Humility is the remedy; humbleness is the reward.
  • If there is wisdom to be manifest it must first pass through the gates of humility which is borne {only} from, by, to, through, for, and directed by the primal tenants of Love.
  • How much pain has been borne due to the necessary suffering caused by one’s inability to fully embrace that one must become aware of and in ID?
  • The awareness of existence provides, in fact, the validation of existence.
  • The gift of beauty refreshes the weary and renews one’s spirit.
  • Jehovah is not a murderer and has no sadistic ignominy and has never, ever, even one time directed anyone to kill another. The blasphemy of teaching otherwise is significant.
  • Goodness is motivating ingredient for catalyst in Love.

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