Day 90 – The Defiled Assignments


Revealing the Christian Life

Evil lurks about us in plain sight and in close quarters. Most times, people are the cavities that create the perfect nesting place for such vileness, and this should not be. We are declared to be vessels for the Holy Spirit so that he might guide us into a relationship with God. But no, some are hosts for the defiled and perpetrators for defilement.

Through this journey of getting closer to God and doing His will; He is showing me the heart and sinful nature of man. I feel in my sphere, the reinforcement encircling me, to tempt and lead me away, but that is neither my nor God’s will. But, there are many who are outside of the will of God and as such are automatically under the will of the deceiver.

I see their hearts. I see their words. I see their motives, defiled.

Unfortunately, the last few days…

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